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Love Is All I Need

It’s dark. Very dark. Everywhere. I’m in dark. I never liked dark. But now I’m confused. The reason, I’ve fallen in love with the dark himself. You really don’t know when or where you can find love. I had no idea that I’d find love somewhere I even never once dare to dream of.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. All the characters belong to SM. I’m just a crazy fan with crazier imaginations. All the mistakes belong to me. I can say that.

1. Prologue

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To be in love with your predator is not an acceptable thing.

He came to destroy me. My body, my soul. To ensure that after fulfilling his needs, it’d be like as if I’ve never existed.

For that reason, I should hate him, I should be afraid, terrified.

God knows yes, I was, at the very first. But now I’ve been changed. He’s changed me. His love has changed me.

And right now, I don’t want anything. Anything but him.

I stare at the ruby eyes of my predator, my protector, lover, universe, life, death. I don’t care that he can end me in the blink of an eye. I don’t care for my life. I really don’t care that all he wants is my blood. Every single drop of my blood.

I just need him. His skin against mine. His dark grace, his touch, his voice. To see his beautiful face, to feel his lips against mine. To lost myself into those vivid red, fierce, predatory eyes... which are full of many unspoken things, many secrets and emotions. I need him to claim me as his.

All I need is his love. In any form.