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Damned by Dawn

The story follows the life of an 18-year-old girl, who falls deeply in love with a 172-year-old vampire. Their relationship becomes increasingly complicated as a love-struck werewolf plans to make her his mate.

Wrote this three years ago, really was a one shot that turned into a full story.

1. A New Beginning

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Another Monday morning drag, how I would kill for it to be graduation soon.

As my mom drops me off, I quickly scan the crowded campus for my friends; as always, they are standing in front of the lunch room. There's Amelia, Jamila, Taneecia, and me; Addison.

"Hey, do you know what classes you have?" Jamila asked me apart from the group, "Uhh, yeah... Here's my schedule." I replied, as Jamila analyzed the sheet of paper, I looked at Amelia's and Taneecia's.

"We don't have any classes together, but you and Amelia both have lunch together with me; which is second wave for the first and second semester." Jamila said as she handed me back my schedule.

"Nice, at least I won't be alone until third and fourth." I replied shortly after.

"I think I'll have lunch with you Addison, I have Algebraic Connections third and fourth nine weeks." Amelia added, showing me her schedule.

"I have Digital Design third, so our lunch wave is second; math classes go to lunch third wave." I replied half-frowning while fixating my schedule into the clear slot in the front of my binder.

"Oh, well never mind then; sorry." Amelia replied. I did like to be alone, but having random people come over to your table ask why you're alone is kind of embarrassing. I'm used to it, no one asks me anymore, they just look at me and carry on with their conversations.

"Oh Addison, did you know that we have a lot of new students this year? I saw this one guy, he is so cute. I think he's a senior too, but anyways he's super buff!" Jamila said as I looked around the campus; all I could think about was getting done with this day and going home.

"So what does the guy look like?" I asked, shuffling my books in my arms as the weight of them began to take it's tole on them.

"He's white, and he has black hair. I couldn't tell exactly what he looked like in the face, but he was cute from the distance." I rolled my eyes with a laugh at her typical 'crush' at first sight infatuation.

"Uh huh, well where did you see him?" I asked, shuffling my books to now rest on my right hip.

"He was in the office with a girl and another dude; I guess the were learning where their classes were and stuff." She replied as the bell rung.

"Mhm, well I guess I better go to class; see y'all at lunch!" I called out to the dissipating group.

"Yeah, talk to you later!" Each girl bellowed back with a wave to me as they scurried to their lockers and classes.

As I entered the main floor of the campus, a wave of anxiety hit me like a tidal wave; I'd been struggling with agoraphobia and overall stress from the past couple of years starting from middle school. I brushed passed familiar faces, trying to keep focus on where I was going; I spotted the guy Jamila was talking about and the others, he was cute. Ten times better than any guy at our school! As I passed them, they all stared at me. I tried to present myself as being friendly, so I gave them a shy half-smile; the girl smiled back with a pretty toothy grin, and the dark haired guy gave me a smirk.

As I retreated to class, I saw a guy behind them, half the size of the dark haired dude. He had honey blonde hair. He continued to stare at me without smiling, I adverted my attention towards where I was going; as I passed him, I suddenly felt my heart skip a beat and a cold shudder down my spine.

"He's gorgeous." I thought to myself, I sped up my pace and practically ran up the stairs to home-room.

As always, were given papers to fill out and handbooks that no one ever looked over.

"I hope I have at least one class with him, but I doubt he would ever talk to someone like me. I'm such a loner, a total outcast." I thought to myself, psyching my self-esteem down.

The bell rang for first block.

"Good morning, here is my syllabus for this class. Everything you need for this class and how you will be graded is here on this sheet." Mr. Turner announced to the half-awake students.

Suddenly, the guidance counselor and three students walked in; it was the dark haired guy and girl, and also the blonde. I overheard that they were brothers and sister.

"Welcome to Algebraic Connections, take a seat. There isn't a seating chart as long as everyone behaves like the young adults you are." Mr. Turner said to the group of new students as he retired to his desk.

Everyone filled up the seats in the middle and front of the first three rows, I chose to sit in the second desk of the last row.

As they came over, the dark headed boy sat in the first desk in the row beside me, the girl followed and made her way to the one behind him. That row was now full, therefore, the blonde had to sit on my row; he made his way over and sat in the desk in front of me beside his brother.

"Let's start class getting to know each other; I want each of you to introduce yourselves and share a little fact about yourselves." Announced Mr. Turner, we started with my row first.

"Hello, my name is Jackson; I like to read mostly, and write in my journal from time to time." Everyone in class snickered at him, I could tell he was quite embarrassed as he slumped in his seat.

"My name is Addison; I also like to read and write, but listening to music is my favorite past time." I said shyly while looking down at my feet.

"Hey, I'm Emmett; I like to work out and hang out with my peeps." Emmett said while flexing his guns, I rolled my eyes and immediately declared him a typical show off jock.

"Hiya, my name is Alice; I like to hang out with my friends and also listen to music." Alice shrieked while looking at me with a smile, I smiled back at her kind of creeped out as to why she's so chipper about school.

The class went on announcing their names and adding what they liked to do or what was interesting about them.

Mr. Turner came over to the new students and gave them a syllabus, as he explained what was expected in class.

Alice introduced herself and her brothers to me.

"I'm guessing you all aren't from Alabama?" I asked, noticing their lack of a southern accent.

"No, Emmett and I are actually from British Columbia. Jackson is from Texas on the other hand, he's our adopted brother." Alice replied, giving me another toothy grin.

"Wow, how did you find this dainty little town from Canada?" I asked stunned, they all looked at each other for a moment.

"Our father's job forced us to move here, also our mother thought it would be great to move to a much warmer state." Alice replied shortly after, I had to agree with the warmer climate option; they were as pale as ghosts.

“He’s filling in a spot for another surgeon or something of the sorts; ” She replied quickly with a smile.

"What kind of job does your dad have, if you don't mind me asking?" I asked with caution

"He is a doctor, he does a little bit of everything." Emmett replied, sounding proud.

"Oh, ok; that's cool." I said simply before smiling shortly and turning back around as I had eyed Mr. Turner getting up from his desk.

“Hey, there are new neighbors on my street. I think they are just about done moving in, where do you live?” I asked her quickly, still eyeing the teacher.

“I think we live on a street called Davis, right Jackson?”

“Yes, it’s on South Davis Avenue.” He replied to her.

Even the way he speaks had me head over heels, I was in complete awe!

“Oh my gosh! You live like 5 blocks down from me!” I exclaimed. I practically died at the thought of having them as neighbors.

“Really? I would love for you to come over and hang out sometime if you would like. We could have sleep overs and such!” Exclaimed Alice.

“I would love too, maybe you could come over as well.” I replied before turning around as Mr. Turner had reached our row with handouts.

Jackson handed me a math worksheet, I hated math. Mr. Turner said we could work together, but it was only a review sheet from what we should have learned the year before.

Alice and I worked together as Jackson and Emmett worked together.

"Could I see your schedule?" Alice asked as she took out her own.


"Hmm, we have Science and Multimedia Design together." She said.

"Really, what do you have for third block?" I asked in return.

"I have English."

"Great, you have it with my friend Jamila and I; we'll all have lunch together." I replied with a warm smile.

By that time we finished our worksheets, Alice analyzed Emmett and Jackson's schedule.

"Jackson has Science with us next block... Look, we all have Multimedia Design together!" Alice proclaimed loudly, everyone in class looking at us like we were crazy. Emmett turned around and snickered at her, shooshing us. Alice turned to the teacher and apologized, sticking her tongue out at Emmett in return.

"Gosh, it's going to be packed in there!" Both Alice and I laughed at the thought of having to share chairs and computers.

"What are you girls laughing at? You should be doing your work." Emmett said, turning to us once again; Jackson turned around as well to see what the commotion going on was.

"Oh hush, we're done." Alice replied as she poked out her tongue again.

Just as I was putting away my schedule, the bell rang for second block.

Alice, Jackson, and I walked to Earth and Space Science together. I warned them that the class was easy if you paid attention and that most of the things we did in class were study guides; the teacher was also short tempered, but she was fair.

We found out that the tables were marked with our names in alphabetical order. Since Alice and Jackson were new students, they weren't on any of the tables or the roll yet. Mrs. Wade told them to sit anywhere for right now; Alice had to sit somewhere else since there were other students assigned beside me. Jackson sat directly in front of me at the second table; I glanced at him and gave him a slight smile, once again he ignored it and looked down at his books. I got the notion that he wasn't as friendly as his adoptive siblings or that he was very shy.

As we were handed worksheets to work on for the class period, I was tapped on the shoulder by my neighbor; he gave me a note and pointed to a smiling and waving Alice. She wrote that she was bored to death and that the study guide was easy, but long as hell. I decided to write her back; as soon as I did so, Mrs. Wade turned out the lights for us to take notes.

I got out a couple of sheets of paper and positioned myself in front of the board, I could see out of the peripheral vision of my eye that Jackson was looking in my direction again. I didn't want to look over at him in case if he wasn't looking at me so it wouldn't be weird; I continued to write my notes.

By the end of class, I caught up with Alice.

"Sorry I didn't get to write you back, but yeah if we have a project in this class that requires a partner I'll team up with you." I said, walking down the hall with Alice and Jackson.

"Oh that's ok; awesome, that would be really stellar!" Alice replied, giving me a side-hug.

"Do you know where Mrs. Hughes' English class is?" Alice asked, stopping me in the middle of the hallway as other students traversed past us.

"Yeah, it's just four blocks down from here when you take a left from this hallway." I replied.

I had Theater, it was an easy class. We barely did anything, but when we did, it was learning lines and performing in the auditorium. I wondered why I even signed up for that class, I'm such a nervous wreck and shy as hell.

Finally, it was lunch time! Everyone flocked to sit with their friends after getting their trays. Since we were seniors, we were allowed to sit outside.

I told Jamila that I had first block with her 'crush', Emmett. I also told her how well he looked, but that he was the jock type. She really didn't care, but I said hey, if you like him... go for it.

By the time we got our trays and out of line, I saw Jackson sitting alone. I walked over to him; my heart was in my throat as I sat in front of him.

"Why are you sitting alone? Come and sit with us outside." I motioned towards him to follow while getting up from the table.

"I didn't know who to sit with, ok sure." He replied, looking up at him with a deer in headlights expression.

We both walked out of the lunchroom to the tables outside.

The tables were nice and of the private type, only allowing four people to sit at each. I sat beside Alice, and Jackson sat in front of me which was beside Jamila.

Everyone liked their classes so far, Jamila complained about how there was hardly anyone in her first and second blocks. I told her that Alice, Jackson and Emmett were in my first and fourth blocks. She said that she had Government and Economics next block, I was kind of glad that I didn't have that class until the third and fourth nine weeks. You only have one shot at the subjects or you don't graduate. Actually it was potentially terrible, hence students begin to shutdown closer to graduation.

"Are you, Emmett and Jackson brothers and sister?" Jamila asked, intrudingly.

"We are, but only Emmett is my blood brother; Jackson is adopted." Alice replied.

I abruptly changed the subject, but not meaning to be rude.

"What kind of music do you listen to?"

"Emmett listens to some metal and hip-hop. I listen to indie or dance, but I like pop the most." Alice said.

"How about you Jackson?" I asked.

"I listen to mostly everything, I don't like a particular genre. It depends on how I'm feeling, I just stream music from my phone."

He was like me, I like pretty much everything. I'm a huge music junkie; I listen to what appeals to me.

The table was awkwardly quiet for a moment, Alice and Jackson didn't eat lunch; I didn't think it was weird, some students don't like to eat lunroom food like I did at a period of time.

Alice lashed out her phone and read a message she received, she asked me for my number; we all exchanged numbers, except for Jamila and Jackson.

"Would you like to come over to our house after school? We could find out where each other lives and we could visit more often and help each other with homework." Alice asked, startling me out of my daydream as I swirled my spork around in the overly juiced sweet whole kernel corn.

"Uhh, sure. I'm usually expected to be home right after school though." I replied, giving her the same half-frowning expression.

She didn't reply, but quickly sent a reply text to whomever she was talking to. Her skilled fingers brushed against her white iPhone like a pro, stunning me that she didn't have any typos as I looked on.

She told me that she had texted her mother saying that she was bringing home company, I told her that she really didn't have to tell her that since I wasn't going to be staying long.

Lunch was over, we all shuffled back to class. I texted Alice, Mrs. Webb didn't care if we had our phones. She just warned us to make sure that we didn't get caught by the principal. I wanted to text Jackson, but I was afraid to; what if he had of gotten caught and got into trouble because of me? He would probably be sore at me, and may not want to associate with me anymore.

As I thought to myself, I jumped slightly at the vibration of my phone. I looked a the preview, it was from Jackson.


I was happy inside, I started to smile at the message. I thought of what to write back, I didn't want to sound boring and have him stop texting me, yet I didn't want to write a novel and get him into trouble.

"Hi, what's up? Theater is pretty sweet; we don't have to do practically anything." I replied to him.

I was surprised at how fast he replied moments later.

"Very nice! I'm stuck in Government. We're working on vocabulary and section reviews." He replied with a series of emojis ranging from smileys to reaction pictures.

I laughed under my breath as one of the reaction pictures was a very popular meme of Pepe the Frog.

"Oh wow, Mr. Harris is very strict; just be careful!" I warned him.

"I will, we are watching a video around the end of class, so I don't have much time to text you. Can't wait for fourth block! J" He replied, signing his intial like we used to in emails and notes back in the day.

I kind of felt special; the guy of my dreams is texting me, plus he can't wait for the last class of the day with me!

For the rest of the block I texted Alice, I told her that I was texting Jackson. I also built up the nerve to tell her I had a crush on him. She practically wrote me a short story; her message was a gigantic blob of gray in iMessage. I thought she was insane, she told me that Jackson liked me too. I nearly died of a heart attack; at first I thought she was saying that to be nice, but as I put the messages together, I believed her. We talked about our potential life together for fun, and how it would be amazing to be adopted sister-in-laws.

The bell rang for fourth block; my heart yet again, was in my throat. My mind was was racing through what Alice and I talked about.

We all sat together, Alice and I were in the middle; Emmett and Jackson were on the outside of us.

It was quiet for the first few minutes of class; Alice nudged me and motioned that I should start a conversation with Jackson. As I turned around to say something, one of my guy friends called me.

It was Nathan; I was surprised that he had this class too, we caught up and he asked me if I ever wanted to hang out with him sometime. I told him that I didn't know and that my mom would have to meet him, he gave me his number and retreated back to his seat.

As I turned back around, Alice asked who he was; I told her that he was an old friend from middle school.

By that time, the teacher started class, we were told to open up Adobe InDesign. We worked on some things she gave us, and then she talked to use about hues, codes, and shapes on the computer.

Alice and I were pros at it; we both like to make blogs and that sort of nature. I helped Jackson with his work, he thanked me and suggested that if we ever have a project that we should team up. Of course I melted at the idea.

As class went on, we were advised that we could 'learn on our own', most people played games and got on Twitter as did Alice. I joined her; we followed each other.

"Hey, this is one of my favorite songs; would you like to listen?" Jackson asked, offering me one of his earbuds.

"Sure." I replied with emphasis on the word like I had to think it over, but with a smile.

I took one of his ear buds and put in my right ear, it was one of my favorite songs also; I nearly died at the fact we liked the same song, yet we were listening to it together.

The song was "No One's Gonna Love You" by Band of Horses.

I told him it was among one of my favorites as well, we both blushed at the lyrics.

It was now close to the end of school; we gathered our books and waited for the bell to ring. Jackson offered to help me, I told him there was no need since there weren't many books and I didn't need to go to my locker.

When the bell rang, I walked with Alice to her locker.

"So, did you hit it off with Jackson?" She asked with a smirk as she interchanged books into her backpack.

"What? We only listened to a song we both liked." I replied, looking at my feet nervously.

"Well, I saw you blushing wildly. You were about to explode!" Exclaimed Alice.

"No I wasn't it was just an intense moment. I was shocked that he liked the same song and the lyrics were profoundly intrigant."

"Sure, whatever you say Mrs. Rathbone." She replied with a laugh.

"Oh shut up!" I said jokingly as I felt the heat of a blush forming on my cheeks.

I loved the idea of one day becoming Mrs. Rathbone, every bone in my spine shuddered at the thought of it.

As we walked to Alice's car, there standing was Jackson and Emmett; my jaw dropped to the floor as she flicked the switch on her keys to unlock the doors of a yellow Porsche 911 Turbo!

"Woah, way to attract attention! Can't believe your parents would get you something so... exotic." I added, admiring the mustard yellow paint job.

"Well, we are spoiled!" Alice said with her usual toothy grin as her and Emmett lifted the front seats for Jackson and I to pile in the back.

"Let's go to Sonic, my treat!" Proclaimed Alice.

As we drove into the packed drive in, I found it odd that I was the only one to order; they explained that they were on a special diet, they must've been starving from not eating lunch either.

Practically everyone from school was there, people I knew and people I wish I didn't know. I began to forget the world around me; I started to think I found my clique.

As my order arrived, a vanilla cone, a bunch of girls and a couple of guys walked towards our way; I've never seen the guys before, but I knew some of the girls. They started talking to Emmett and asked him if he wanted to hang out with them for a while, he looked at us and asked if it was alright. I could tell Alice and Jackson didn't approve of it, but they let him go anyways.

"What do you like to do for fun?" Alice asked, breaking the tension between them and their brother.

"Uhh, you know that I like to read, write, and listen to music; I used to ride horses." I explained, while politely licking around my cone where it started to melt.

"Wow, I love horses! I love animals in general!" Alice exclaimed, once again attracting attention to our table.

"Where did you ride?" She asked becoming overwhelmingly interested in what I had to say.

"I used to take lessons at a riding academy, about 30 minutes away from here; it's an English riding barn, they offer combined training for all ages." I replied.

"So whats that like?" She asked.

"Combined training? It's where you learn the fundamentals of dressage, cross country, and jumping." I replied, before taking the first bite of now exposed cone.

"Oh ok. You know, Jackson used to ride also." She mentioned as she nudged me on the elbow, almost causing me to choke on the bit of cone I was swallowing.

"Really? What discipline did you ride? Western or English?" I managed to ask Jackson while grabbing a napkin and wiping my mouth.

"I rode Western; I had a job long ago that involved riding." He replied simply, watching me devour the last bit of cone I had left.

"That's cool, maybe we all should go riding sometime. I used to work there and earn lessons for free." I replied to them.

"Sure, it would fun! Let's go, mom's probably wondering what's keeping us." Alice added as she got up from the table and grabbed her purse.

We piled into the vehicle once again, leaving Emmett behind with the group that called him over.

As we drove into their drive way, I could see that they were quite wealthy; The house wasn't all that, but the cars parked there made me wonder why they chose this old house.

As we entered the house, we were quickly greeted by a middle-aged couple. They couldn't have been much older than their mid-30s to early 40s.

I was greeted with a friendly hug from their mother, Esme. She was gentle and kind at heart, I could see that the young woman was family oriented. Their father was a tall and proud figure; he also had blonde hair, but it was combed back in an old fashioned, yet modern style. He greeted me with a warm smile and firm handshake, he called himself Carlisle.

I was introduced by Alice, she bragged on about how well the first day of school was as I was asked by their mother if I would like to stay for dinner. It was very kind of her, but I had to decline. On the inside I was very worried if my parents missed, knowing that I didn't contact them that I wasn't coming home straight away. I soon phoned home and said I was visiting a friend down the street, and that I wouldn't be long returning.

Alice took my and dragged up the stairs to her room, the coldness of her hand took me aback as it was in the middle of August, yet I second guessed it was her nerves; when I'm excited or nervous my own hands become cold and clammy.

Her room was the first room on the right; I expected it to be cute and girly. She had Dainty Damask wallpaper and purple carpet. To me it was very pretty; I wished I had a room like that.

Clearly she had an obsession with typical punk and alternative bands such as Paramore and Panic! At the Disco, there were plasters of posters on her wall by her bed and on the inside of her door.

At that moment I saw Alice looking a bit depressed.

"Are you ok? You all of a sudden look distraught." I asked, trying to sound as sincere and sympathetic as possible.

"Yeah, it's just something I thought over. Here come with me to Jackson's room." She replied, grabbing my arm and leading me to a different room across the hall.

We made our way over to his room; it was a bit bigger than hers, it had blue wallpaper with dark slate gray carpet. It wasn't entirely ugly, but I didn't like it. His room was very sophisticated and mature; there were no posters, but there was a huge collection of cds. It was just a plain old room with a full size bed between two windows. The armoire in the corner was about as tall as I was, and had basic necessities such as under arm deodorant and watches atop of it. He must've been a big reader, hence there were two bookshelves full of books that looked old and a bit worn.

"You don't have to stand there, have a seat; Alice should be back shortly." Jackson suggested, I did as I was told.

We sat in silence for a minute, and then he broke the silence by asking if I wanted to go out sometime. For a second, I felt my pulse flutter; I found the courage in my voice and replied with a simple acceptance.

"Sure, I would love too. Maybe we can catch a movie or something."

He set the date a week from Friday; I was trying to keep calm, but my hands were sweating and my pulse was racing. I felt the notion that he figured I was nervous and he changed the subject.

"So, you and Alice are quite a pair? It gives me great joy to see her happy and not locked in her room depressed." Jackson declared as he gave me a stern gaze.

As soon as he said that, it came to me the reason why Alice looked so down; apparently she's been battling depression. I would have never guessed that a happy-go-lucky girl like her would be so depressed. She gets along with mostly everyone, I wonder what's happened.

"Yes, she's one of my best friends. I've never had a friend like her; she's so sweet and docile. I promise to stay true and her a close friend, I would never hurt her." I replied to him, twiddling my thumbs out of a nervous habit.

Suddenly Alice walked into the room with a stricken face, she excused herself and Jackson out of the room to converse whatever was ailing her mind. A few minutes passed and they returned.

"May I ask what's going on?" I ask, trying not to be nosy, they looked at each other for a brief moment.

"It's a family matter, there was a death in the family and we have to leave town for a couple of days." Alice proclaimed.

"I'm sorry to hear that, I hope you all have safe travels. I should go home now too, it's getting quite late."

"Thank you and would be gone long. We're going back to B.C. soon; unfortunately I don't think we'll be in school for the rest of the week." Alice replied, giving me my own half-frowning expression.

I was devastated to hear that; I knew I wouldn't be sitting alone at lunch or anything, but there was a part of me feeling like I was going to lose half of the life in me I had left.

All I could say was thank you for having me over with a smile and I hugged both of them for what felt like an eternity before descending downstairs and leaving their sights.

On the walk home I couldn't help but think about how it would be without them. Would I be a wreck or would I just retreat indoors and act as if nothing ever happened?

As the days went on with Jackson, Alice, or Emmett; I did feel lonely, since there was no one to talk to or get help from in my first block.

Fourth block became an everyday pain; we had never ending work every day. There was also a Monopoly board project for Multimedia Design, I think I was the only one without a partner. It would have been amazing to work with Alice on the board; we possibly would have had the best looking one in class.

From day to day I would send a message or two about what happened at school, or how I missed them. I even tweeted them, but still no answer. I began to think they were ignoring me, but I quickly re-judged and thought they were somewhere with little to no cell phone service or internet.

I quickly found myself becoming obsessed; my parents began worrying about me, and told me I needed something better to do. I took their advice, I tried hanging out with my friends, but they didn't want to associate, because they had better things to do.

I would lie in bed practically all day, thinking of their return; every door slam I nearly broke my neck trying to see outside my window.

The a week went by, I became deeply depressed and started to forget about the world around me. I wasn't doing my school work like I needed to, then rumors started to fly.

"Did you hear that the Cullens' left town and died in a tragic accident?"

"Who are the Cullens'? They probably left town because it was too rural for them."

I even heard one pathetic one, "I heard that the girl they were hanging out with got pregnant, and the whole family left town because they didn't want to deal with her!"

I felt a whirlwind of emotions; of course I didn't believe any of the rumors, and of course i certainly wasn't pregnant!

I finally got a hold of an old friend, Kemiah. I started to talk to her more and replaced the lost connection between us. I told her about the Cullens', she advised me to forget about them for the time being and relax. I desperately needed to get out of the situation, so I did as she said.

We practically talked everyday from sun up to sun down; she was nothing like Alice, she was cold hearted like me, but very consistently annoying. We would fight about everything, I quickly became fed up with her dire attention antics and ended the friendship. Yet again I was alone, but I'd rather be alone than with someone I can't stand.

It was Wednesday, Jackson and I were supposed to see a movie Friday. I thought of that night and how amazing I would feel to be with him again.

I fell asleep daydreaming of that night, suddenly I was awakened by the vibration of my phone. I quickly picked it up while rubbing my eyes to see clearly who the message was from; it was Alice! She said they had just arrived home; I told them how much I messed them, and how the fact they were gone left me drastically on the verge of a mental breakdown. She told me how everything was fine, and that they would be back in school tomorrow.

I felt a wave of relief that I was getting my best friends back, now I can sleep easy.