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Claddagh Hands

The attraction is instantaneous when Detective Edward Cullen meets feisty Irish Bella Swan. As love blossoms and friendships are formed, Bella finds herself the prey of a savage hunter. Can Edward save her before it's too late?


1. Chance Encounter

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Hello Everyone,I have so many different stories whirling around my head and I found I needed to let this one out. It's very different to my other story 'The Domino Effect' and I am having fun writing the two contrasting stories.I welcome all reviews and if you can spare a few moments to let me know your thoughts after reading, I would be most grateful. Thank you, Snowdog24***Chapter One - Chance Encounter I squealed in alarm as a stranger yanked open the door of my Land Rover and climbed into the passenger seat with great urgency. "Drive!" "I beg your pardon, what an earth do you think you're doing?" I exclaimed, trying to keep my voice level. "Drive, please." The stranger demanded in a clipped tone which I found rather irksome, considering this was my vehicle. I opened my mouth to angrily retort but I was interrupted by Tanya Denali who appeared to be running towards us at an awfully rapid pace, her heals clicking on the ground. "Eddie, please! We must discuss this." The stranger groaned and his face seemed to pale at her appearance. I couldn't explain if it was the desperation in his green eyes or the fact that Tanya aggravated me on a daily basis but I found myself changing into first gear and speeding away from the university. I checked the review mirror and smiled as I saw the shrieking Tanya stamping her feet and flailing her arms around as if she had been possessed by the exorcist. I could see the stranger staring at me open mouthed from the corner of my eye and I risked a sideways glance at his dismayed face. He was most certainly handsome, that I would not deny and as I turned my eyes back to the road I found myself smirking at the unusual turn of events. "Catching flies are we Eddie?" I asked, trying to suppress a giggle. "It's Edward and does this tin-overcoat go any faster?" His response infuriated me and I scowled at him before applying the breaks, throwing him towards the dashboard with a jerk. "Out!" I barked with as much force as I could muster. He stared at me for a few seconds, raising his left eyebrow in what appeared to be amusement. I however failed to see the humour and was growing impatient with the situation. After several more moments of silence I decided I had, had enough and reached across his torso to throw the door open. "Gosh you smell good." "Thank you!" Edward breathed before letting out a light chuckle. It was then I realised that I had spoken aloud and I felt my cheeks flush bright red with embarrassment. My mouth opened and closed as I tried to think of a witty response and when my mind drew a blank, I berated myself for my absurd outburst. Edward's velvet voice interrupted my internal monologue. "I apologise, I did not mean to be rude. If I promise to behave, would you kindly take pity on me and drop me off in Blanchardstown Centre?" I pursed my lips while narrowing my eyes at him. I wasn't sure I wanted to travel eight miles into town with this ignorant stranger who just so happened to be absolutely gorgeous. In the five minutes I had known him, he had done nothing to appeal to my better nature. I made the mistake of looking into his startling green eyes during my internal debate and my stomach flipped, clearly making my decision for me and I found myself pulling my mobile out of my pocket. "Okay," I agreed. "Surname, please?" My question seemed to catch him of guard and he blinked a few times before answering. "Cullen!" I smiled and sent a quick message to my good friend Angela before turning my head to look directly at Edward Cullen. "I will drop you off, although I must warn you...I have sent your full name and description to my closest friend; so if I turn up dead on the side of the road, you will be the number one suspect." I could not be sure if it was the seriousness of my tone that caused the deep rumble in his chest but he started to bellow with laughter. It was hearty, boisterous and seemingly infectious as I started to chuckle with him. I felt as though the air had suddenly been cleared and as I started the engine I found myself looking forward to the twenty five minute journey with him. "So..." I started, very keen to strike up a conversation. "Do you know Tanya Denali?" My eyes were focused on the road in front of me as I asked the question so I couldn't see his face. I did however hear him loudly exhale before speaking. "Unfortunately yes, she's a family acquaintence." "Oooh and she was chasing you why?" I replied, trying to hide my mirth. He chortled lightly before responding. "I have been nursing my car along these past few weeks. I kept meaning to ask my sister-in-law to take a look at it for me but it slipped my mind. The funny thing is when I saw Tanya, I started to curse my luck...but now I...". Edward paused as we reached a red traffic light and I turned to look at him, intrigued as to why he had stopped so abruptly. I gasped a sharp intake of breath as our eyes locked. His green orbs were so penetrating and as he continued to stare at me, my head began to swim and I found myself leaning closer. I felt his fingers graze my cheek with the lightest of touches before his lips crashed mine. *** I understand that this was very short and I promise that the next chapter will be a lot longer. I would very much appreciate it if you could leave me a review and let me know your thoughts. I will try to update as often as I can and it hopefully shouldn't be long before I will posting the next installment.Thank you, Snowdog24