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Carlisle Cullen's long lost daughter

What happens when in Eclipse it wasn't just Jane, Felix, Demetri and Alec but a short girl with honey blonde hair and red eyes that was on Alec's arms. Her name is Alexia Cullen Volturi. Alec Volturi's loving wife and the adopted daughter of Caius. She's just as sadistic as Caius and loves to kill.


1. Chapter 1

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I was sitting in my father's lap sketching a drawing for him as Uncle Aro called a meeting. I pause my sketching and look up at my Uncle. He claps his hands together and smiles his sadistic smile. "There is a newborn army out of control in Forks, I would like Jane, Felix, Demetri, Alec and Alexia to go to Forks and handle it. Jane and Alexia will be the leader's of this mission. You leave once the sun sets." I stood up and flit over to my husband and loop my arm through his. He smiled down at me and pressed a kiss to my temple. Jane flits over and grabs my wrist pulling me to her room. She goes to her closet and comes back out with and outfit. She handed it to me and I slip it on.