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When Universes Collide

Aro sends Demetri to go investigate the packs of werewolves in the Pacific Northwest. Demetri lands himself in a fight, and it's clear that he is outnumbered. He only survives because one of the wolves suddenly seems very attached to him. A Leah/Demetri story.


1. Just My Fucking Luck

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Aro was known for crazy ideas, but this one took the cake. We all knew what he thought of those of us in his guard. He said we were a family, but it seemed a little bit different from our perspective. We were his collection. We may have been loyal, but we certainly knew where we stood. It was this fascination with his collection that had me sitting in our jet, on the way to Seattle.

Aro was insane. After we had all trekked to that horrible town in Washington, it was suicide for any of us to go back. The Cullens themselves would be enough to destroy me, and that wasn't even factoring in the reason I was going there in the first place. Aro wanted wolves. Even just one wolf would be enough. He wanted to study them, to figure out what exactly made them tick. And once he knew, he thought he could use them to make the Volturi stronger.

I was not being sent to retrieve anyone. I was there to observe, to find the wolves and figure out the best way to approach the situation. Would we bring Jane in to help? Or would they be willing to discuss the matter like civilized people?

I doubted it.

I closed my eyes as we began our descent into Seattle. I was going to try and find a wolf that I might be able to talk to. I had seen many of the wolves when we took our trip, so it wasn't hard to find a tenor that I liked. This one seemed young, a bit carefree. Most of all, his mind seemed the most welcoming. It was comfortable. Perhaps he was around our kind more often than the others had been.

This was the one I was going to find. He might talk to me. If not, I didn't think he would be a problem.

When we landed, I started running. There was no need to take a car. The kid was close. I could smell familiar scents as I got closer to the Cullens. I was also assaulted with the scent of the werewolves. I didn't know how the Cullens could live so close to the dogs. The smell… it was spicy, musky, and entirely unpleasant. It was raining, and I hoped that would wash some of the scent away.

The child's tenor sang louder in my mind. As I got closer, I began to hear his breathing, his paws on the damp forest floor. He was alone, which I was thankful for.

I ran ahead of him to cut him off. I stopped in a small clearing and waited.

He slowed down, and I saw him hesitating just before the break in the trees.

"I am not here to hurt you, child," I said quietly. He could hear me. "I just would like to speak with you. My name is Demetri."

He waited a moment longer before the massive wolf disappeared, and left a tall but skinny youth in his place. He pulled on a pair of shorts as he walked cautiously towards me.

"The Cullens didn't say they were expecting anyone," he said uncertainly.

I nodded. "I didn't let them know I was coming. My business here actually has nothing to do with them. What is your name?" I smiled. If he felt comfortable, he'd be more likely to talk.

He stopped approaching and stood defensively. He was about twenty feet away. If he changed back, it would be no problem for me to take care of him.

"Seth," he answered uncertainly.

"You are close with the coven here then?" I asked. If he was, then maybe he was not the wolf for me. I needed a wolf that was open to the idea of vampires, but didn't feel loyalty towards the coven here.

The boy tensed, and his eyes flashed behind me. I spun around just in time to see a massive brown wolf charging towards me. There was no time to run. I sunk into a crouch, ready to absorb the impact.

The force of it surprised me. I was thrown backwards into a massive pine tree. With a snap, the whole trunk splintered into pieces. Before I hit the ground, Seth was there. He ripped at my stomach, and I was surprised when an entire piece of my torso went with him. I had never been so wounded, and it was by a child. So easily they seemed to tear through us.

I roared and shoved the young wolf away from me. I heard one of his bones snap, but there was no time to celebrate. The brown wolf was there again, and his claws cut through the hard skin in my thigh. I growled and threw my entire body at him. I managed to get my arms around him and I squeezed.

A smaller, grey wolf shot from the trees. It tackled both of us. I wrenched free of the wolves and got to my feet as quickly as I could. My torso was hurt very badly. I placed my hand over my stomach, not sure of what would happen if I let go. I crouched, ready to defend myself until I couldn't any more. If I was going down, I was going to take one of take one of these dogs with me. I tried to take a step forward, but I fell to my knees. I was more injured than I had realized. My right leg seemed to barely be attached. I wasn't giving up though. I tensed, ready for the next assault.

But they didn't attack me again. Seth stopped and stared at me. His mouth hung open. His breathing was labored. The grey wolf disentangled itself from the huge russet one. IT took two quick steps towards me. I started to growl, but stopped when the wolf changed into a woman.

"He's hurt," she said, matter-of-factly. She didn't seem to notice that she wasn't wearing any clothes. "We need to get him help."

She didn't seem to hesitate as she walked towards me. She didn't seem intimidated, or scared. Her eyes searched my face. I don't know what she saw there. Why did she feel the need to attack a member of her own pack? Was it to save me? That sounded ridiculous.

Tears sprang to her eyes. "Guys, now, please!" she yelled. Her eyes flashed to my stomach, and I looked down.

Things were not good. My vision started to swim. What a horrible feeling it was. I was strong, but I was having trouble keeping myself upright. I sank to the ground.

She was next to me then. Spicy and sweet, her scent did not actually bother me as much as it should have. I must have been losing it. She reached towards my face, and I snapped at her. She shook her head.

"I am trying to help you, idiot," she murmured.

"Why?" I grunted.

Her hand was on my face then, fire against ice. I gasped. "Because apparently I'm even more fucked up than I thought I was." She looked angry, nervous maybe? What was this girl's problem?

Two boys appeared above us. The stench burned my nose. Seth and what must have been the brown wolf. They reached towards me, and I pushed myself back with all of the strength I had left. I only managed to make it ten feet before I collapsed again.

The girl growled. "Let us help you, please," she begged. Her tears were falling now.

The boys exchanged a glance before coming over and lifting me to my feet. Then we were running.

"Leah," said the older boy. "I don't know if he's going to-"

"Shut up," she said through clenched teeth.

We were approaching the Cullen's residence. I could smell them. Perhaps they had some arrangement. Let the vampires deal with their own kind. Perhaps I could reason with them. They'd be more likely to listen than the wolves, I wagered.

A huge white house came into view. The girl, Leah, was ahead of us. At some point, she had managed to slip into shorts and a ratted shirt. She pushed the back door open.

"Carlisle!" she screamed. "Carlisle, please please help! Jake, Seth, put him in here!"

The boys rushed me inside and dumped me on a couch. I noticed Seth's arm hanging at an unnatural angle. I closed my eyes. The pain in my stomach was spreading. There was something very wrong. There were so many people in the house. All of the Cullens, the child, and three werewolves.

"Renesmee, stay upstairs," hissed Rosalie.

"What the fuck?" spluttered Emmett.

"Leah, how?" gasped Edward.

He must have known what was going on. He would be able to read it in her thoughts. My eyes shot open when I felt the doctor's hands prod my side.

"I need to know what happened," said Carlisle. He was the calmest person in the room.

Leah spoke then, her voice shaking. She was sitting by my feet, bouncing slightly. "We knew he was here as soon as Seth did. Jacob and I rushed to help. I had never seen him before, but Jake said that he was one of the Volturi's guard. I was farther away, so Jake got there first. They…" her eyes flashed to my mangled body. "I barely made it. Carlisle, please!"

He paused. He appeared to be thinking something over. "You imprinted? On Demetri?" he finally asked.

She nodded furiously. "Just my fucking luck!" She placed her hand on my unhurt leg, and a shock went through me. I didn't know what had possessed her to make her believe that that sort of contact was okay.

It was too much. This was not going at all to plan. I was supposed to slip in quietly. This was a disaster. It was infuriating. Everyone knew what was happening except for me. A shudder erupted from the small of my back.

"Stop," I muttered.

"But he's a vampire!" exclaimed Jasper.

"I guess it doesn't matter?" offered Bella.

"Leah needs us to help him," said Esme.

"Stop!" I roared. The room fell silent. "Can someone," I gasped, "please, tell me what the hell is going on?"