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Fan Fiction: Let's be honest, Breaking Dawn wasn't enough, the story shouldn't have to end there! For your reading enjoyment, if you too wanted more "happily ever after."

My intent when I start this fan fiction was to write a rather involved and lengthy FF about how the family was able to defeat the Volturi aided by the new 1/2 breed population subsequently breaking the feud between werewolf and vampire.... I got kind of lazy and ended with the first chapter...still a fun read...a fun write at least!

1. Imprinting

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“Where’s Jacob?” Alice asked unenthused; Renesmee frowned as she answered her question. Jacob was away at a retreat of sorts that the reservation counsel orchestrated in order to settle some of the complications brought about by the co-existence of two Alphas. La Push had never experienced two packs within the same generation and the elders concluded at their last meeting that new rules needed to be established to keep their tribe safe. I could tell by the expression on Alice’s face that she was uneasy with the new information of Jacob’s whereabouts. “What’s wrong, Alice?” I asked as she sprinted to the wall of glass at the far end of house. “I can’t see, Nessie is a blind spot, but it takes at least the addition of Jacob and Seth before I can’t see anything, before I go blank” Alice’s gift allows her to see the future of humans and vampires, but Nessie and Jacob, anyone with a 24 chromosomes count, blurs her visions. “If it’s not the wolves, then who,” Alice asked still staring out the window alert, searching for any signs of danger. The doorbell rang as Alice finished her question and she immediately jumped into fighting stance as reflex. “Calm down.” Carlisle said softly as he walked towards the door, “we have no need to feel threatened.” Alice didn’t relax until Carlisle had opened the door. “Nahuel” she rang out when she recognized our blindfolding visitor as the boy that saved our family. Alice had found Nahuel in South America and she pleaded with him to witness before the Volturi to save Renesmee’s life and to save our family from a devastating fight that we may or may not have won. Nahuel was living proof that my Nessie was no harm to our future. His father thought himself to be a “scientist” creating a superior bread, of half human-half vampire. Renesmee, Nahuel, and his two sisters were the only breed of their kind that we knew.

Alice sprang up from her stance to greet Nahuel with a hug but he misunderstood; defensively he sprung back and bit Alice at her approach, she quickly backed away. “I’m sorry” Nahuel said when he realized his misinterpretation, “but you can see where I thought you were going to attack?” Alice shook her head cautiously but in agreement. “I mean you no harm.” Nahuel said moving in slowly, “I came to ask for your help.” It was then that we saw that Nahuel was not alone; he stood in front of a small fragile woman, shielding her. The women held her stomach, a scared and desperate expression on her face; she was visibly pregnant but not very far along. “I went to my father after I left you all that day” Nahuel explained, “I wanted to warn my sisters about the Volturi to try and save them. I got there in time but my sisters wouldn’t listen, my father has taught them that I am a trader to their family. They warned me to leave, that father would be finished with his work soon and that it would not be good if he saw me when he came down. I knew what kind of “work” my father was doing and it disgusted me, angered me. I decided then that I wouldn’t let another child be born into his family and taught to hate. Not after I saw your family, how Resneseme had the love of her mother, not after I saw the life that I longed for. So I waited in hiding until I saw her, my father’s “work”, his victim, leave alone. I knew I had to follow her, to give her time to find out what was happening herself. When she started getting sick I snuck in her room at night, I told her about my father and my sisters and what my father planned for her child. Then I told her about your family and what I had seen here. I told her that there was another way and that I would bring her here, that maybe if she came you all would help her?” Nahuel made his last statement a question as he looked desperately into my eyes and then into Edwards who now, stood at my side. Alice’s moan interrupted the concentration; she was crutched by the staircase still holding her bit arm. “Did I hurt you bad,” Nahuel asked now more concerned for Alice. “I’ll be fine.” Alice said and then turned to Carlisle. “Can you bandage me up?” Carlisle nodded and then turned to Edward, “you’ll need to make our guest more comfortable for their stay.” He ordered, and then left to bandage Alice’s wound upstairs. “You saved my daughter and our family.” Edward said reluctantly. “Its little repayment to help you now, please come in, let’s get her as comfortable as possible.” “Thank you, her name is, Kaitlin,” Nahuel said while we entered the front room where Rose was already fluffing the pillows on the couch. Esme had gathered some blankets from Nessie’s room for our guest to use and she met us in the living room. “You have much to learn and consider,” Esme explained to Kaitlin as she helped her to the couch. “Bella, get Kaitlin a drink” Esme ordered. “I’ll get it.” Nessie rang with excitement and rushed up the stairs. I walked slowly towards Kaitlin and sat next to her on the couch. I searched hard through my human memories trying to recall the most important parts of information that would help Kaitlin now. “It tasted good” I remembered out loud. “What?” Kaitlin asked in confusion. “I’m sorry” I said trying to explain. “What your baby wants, why you’re getting weak, your baby wants…blood.” I said softly. “Carlisle is a doctor, we have human blood donated, no one was hurt” I promised her hoping that I hadn’t scared her. “That’s what your body is craving now, but it will taste good… it smelled good too.” I explained as I pulled up more memories. “And it will help you stay strong.” Nessie returned a few minutes later with a white cup in her hand. Kaitlin looked at me with question on her face as Nessie handed her the cup, I nodded and Kaitlin brought the cup closer to her nose to smell its contents. She smiled a half smile took a deep breath, closed her eyes and took her first sip. After two more cups Kaitlin laid back and closed her eyes to rest. That afternoon, as Kaitlin slept on the couch, Nahuel and Edward discussed the dangers that would come during the later stages of Kaitlin’s pregnancy and the birth of the child. “Carlisle thinks she may be stronger and have less complication because we’ve switched her diet so early on.” Edward explained. “But giving birth will take her life, her human life. She’ll have to remain human for the child to grow inside of her. It’s during the child birth that she’ll have to be changed. You have to change her.” Edward said searching Nahuel’s eyes. Edward explained the treaty that our family made with the wolves; he explained that though we’ve become strong allies, Sam’s pack had a more difficult time excepting the new boundaries that had been created. “With the new rules that are being made now at their retreat” Edward explained “The Cullen family will certainly not be able to change another human and remain in Forks.” Edward responded to Nahuel’s thoughts of the time when he was an infant, how he bit his aunt and the pain she went through. “Yes” Edward said, “it will be hard but Carlisle will give her morphine and…” My mind trailed off with Edwards words as another human memory came back, the morphine didn’t help the pain, it only kept me from reacting to it, I’d have to tell Carlisle and Kaitlin, she’d have to know exactly what she was going to experience just as I did. If Jasper was wrong, if you could prepare yourself with the right mind set and attitude, then I would have to tell her everything that I went through and everything that she could expect. I’d wait and let her rest through the night; drinking human blood was enough to overwhelm any girl for the day.

Alice came down the stairs the next morning just before noon; I hadn’t noticed until now how long she’d been gone. More cheerful than usual she picked Renesmee up and hugged her. “Nessie, you have to promise you’ll change your clothes if you plan to play in Charlie’s garden, you’ll ruin that dress if you don’t, I know, I SAW IT!” Alice exclaimed and she squeezed Renesmee again. Everyone’s eyes widened and turned to Alice. “It was Nahuel’s venom.” Alice explained. “After he bit me, my arm burned because the venom was foreign, half human - different from the venom of a vampire. I could feel something change inside of me but I didn’t know what it was or what it meant. Carlisle and I tested all night, I saw Nessie come up the steps to get blood minutes before it happened. I can see Nahuel too and even those wolves. They’re fuzzier than my human visions and I can only see things hours, if not minutes before they happen.” “Can you see the baby?” Rose asked gesturing towards Kaitlin. “Not yet,” Alice answered, “Carlisle and I think that it’s because they baby has not developed enough yet. There’s still more testing to do before the visions are reliable. Carlisle, Jasper and I are going out to hunt; my senses are stronger when I’m not thirsty” Alice got up to leave and Esme joined the hunt as well. Edward had plans to take Nessie into town to visit Charlie for the day and I waited for him to leave before I went to talk to Kaitlin. She and Rose were chatting on the couch while Nahuel and Emmett watched a game in the next room. I walked casually into the living room and joined Rose and Kaitlin in their small talk of dreams of motherhood for a bit before I shifted the conversation to more serious issues. “Kaitlin, there’s things you’ll need to know about giving birth, about changing.” I wished that Jasper were still home to keep a calm atmosphere but I explained in honest detail every pain that I remembered and about how I wished for death, for someone to kill me to relieve the burning. Kaitlin listened in silence, nodding occasionally for me to continue. “After the pain stops, you’ll have new challenges to face.” I told her about Jasper and his earlier life, what he knew of newborn vampires and their thirst for human blood, how it was their only desire. I explained the anguish I witnessed myself in the young vampires eyes during our fight with Victoria. I told her about the Volturi, their rules and how they enforced them. Hours past as I spoke and Kaitlin gazed down at her stomach, the tears were visible building in her eyes. “It doesn’t have to be that way; Bella was able to control her thirst right away.” Rose said, trying to calm Kaitlin. “Carlisle thinks that it may be because I was able to prepare myself, that’s why it’s important that you know what to expect, everything.” I said with fake encouragement realizing that I had almost two years to prepare myself for the things that Kaitlin would experience in just a few short weeks. “That’s enough for today.” Rose said standing up “Let’s let her rest.” I squeezed Kaitlin’s hand warmly and slipped out of the room as Rose adjusted the pillows and helped Kaitlin lie down.

Moments later my phone rang. “Is she okay?” Alice asked in a panic.

“Who, what did you see Alice?”

“It’s Kaitlin, something’s wrong, I can’t tell how much time we have, is she lying down?” Alice’s voice raced.

“Yes, she’s fine, she’s resting now”

“Carlisle and I are on our way back, we shouldn’t be long. Just keep her from moving. She needs to stay as still possible.”

Alice hung up before I could respond and I hurried back to the living room where Rose sat on the floor still chatting with Kaitlin lightly about motherhood. I stopped in the doorway and stared at Kaitlin wondering what would go wrong. She seemed so much stronger than I did at that stage, her stomach was larger than mine had been but we assumed that it was because the diet change helped the baby grow faster. I stood in silence for a few moments before my thoughts were interrupted by a high pitched scream. Carlisle sprinted through the door to Kaitlin’s side. Alice came in seconds later and she stopped beside me staring at Kaitlin just as I was. “What’s going on Alice?” I asked so only she could hear. “The baby is much stronger than it should be.” Alice answered still gazing at Kaitlin, “Or bigger- or both…” Alice looked at me with a serious expression, “Carlisle doesn’t know if her body will be able to handle the strain… I can’t see that far ahead, I only know she’ll still be alive in an hour…” Another scream turned our attention back to Kaitlin. “Both of her ribs are broken.” Carlisle said, “I need to get her morphine to ease her pain.” Carlisle’s words reminded me that I needed to talk to him as well so I followed behind him while he rushed upstairs. “Rose,” I heard Kaitlin say as I left the room, “Rose, promise me that if anything happens, if I’m not strong enough, promise me that you’ll take care of my baby.” I caught a glimpse of Roses face a mixture of sympathy and honor. “I promise.” She said and Kaitlin’s breath slowed, she seemed to relax at the words.

My conversation with Carlisle upstairs was much more brief and to the point.

“And she knows?” Carlisle asked “You told her everything?”

I nodded as I answered, “Everything.”

“Then will follow her wishes.” Carlisle grabbed more medical equipment and ran back down stairs.

Alice was sitting close by the couch in deep concentration. “She’ll be okay tonight.” Alice said, “The morphine will help and she’ll be okay. Bella, will you get Jacob out of here, he’s making this harder.” Alice finished her question seconds before Jacob walked through the door and paused in the door way staring at Kaitlin on the couch. “They were right?” Jacob said almost as if asking a question. “What are you talking about, Jake?” I said pulling his arm and leading him back out the door and towards my cottage home in the woods. Jacob followed me without question, “Leah and a couple of the younger wolves, they couldn’t wait to get out of the retreat. The three of them, Leah, Jeff, and Danny, all they could think about was coming to the Cullen house. They seemed sure something must be going on here. No one thought much of it. Leah’s been acting strange every since meeting the Volturi. I never thought I would use my Alpha authority to make an order but I had to force her to keep her stance. And if it wasn’t for the retreat then she would have been off running these past few weeks. Anyway, I came to warn you that the three of them are planning on coming, I knew Alice wouldn’t be able to see.” What’s going on in there, Bella?”

“We’ll, Jake…. Alice will see, probably just minutes before they get here but, well; you remember Nahuel?” I told Jacob the whole story as we sat in the front room of the cottage. Jacob listened with widened eyes, he didn’t speak until I finished. “Okay, so Alice can see us…. And Nahuel is going to change Kaitlin. But I don’t get why Leah and….maybe it’s Kaitlin they’re worried about, maybe she’ll be like the newborns that Jasper talked about.”

“Jake, if there’s any danger then Jasper and Emmett will take care of it. You should have seen the way they hovered over me before they knew that I wasn’t dangerous. But if they want to stay close by, then I guess there’s no harm in that. I should tell the family though. If there is something to worry about then I should give them a heads up.”

Later that night when Edward returned Nessie stayed with Jacob at the cottage while Edward and I went back to the family home. Kaitlin was screaming in pain when we entered the room. “Another growth spur” Carlisle explained as he finished injecting a dose of morphine into Kaitlin’s arm. My attention turned to Edward, he and Alice were in a dead stare, locking each other’s eyes. “What is it, Edward?” I asked, “What does she see?”

“There are two of them.” Edward whispered still locking eyes with Alice, “She’s carrying twins.” Edwards face tightened and his expression matched Alice’s.

“What’s going to happen?” I demanded.

“It’s Kaitlin, she won’t make it.” Edward spoke softly so that only I heard him.

“And the babies?” I asked in the same quiet tone.

“They’ll be fine.”

“….How much longer?”

“She isn’t sure. 15 minutes, 30 maybe.”

“We should tell Nahuel, he should know.” Edward shook his head in agreement and left the room gesturing for Nahuel to follow.

“I’m sorry, Nahuel.” Edward explained “I know what you wanted for the baby, but Kaitlin just isn’t strong enough, she’s carrying twins and she won’t make it, your venom won’t work fast enough.”

Nahuel stared into his hands. “I wanted too much, coming here felt so natural, it felt so right and I just thought that everything would….. What will happen to the babies?” Nahuel asked keeping his composer.

“They’ll be fine. Rose will raise them; she’ll love them like her own.” Edward promised with sincerity knowing that Rose’s longing for motherhood had carried over from her human life. “A long scream came out from the living room and then there was silence. Nahuel hung his head and walked in the room where my family all stood; he nodded at each of them in appreciation and stopped at Rose. “You’ll take good care of them? “Yes” was all Rose could manage as she held a newborn in each arm, an overwhelmed expression on her face. If it were possible, I imagined that tears would be flooding from her eyes.

Nahuel nodded again and began towards the door; he stared out the exit with determination, as if to will himself to leave, but he stood frozen in place.

“I don’t know what keeps me here,” he managed in a defeated tone.

“It’s been a long day for all of us” Edward replied, “You’ll stay with us tonight”

By morning, and with the help of Jasper, the mood had calmed. Nessie played in the front room with the twins, who were already beginning to look more like toddlers. Nahuel and Jacob joked with Emmett about the football game that had played that morning, and the familiar smell of pancakes came from the kitchen where Esme sang cheerfully as she cooked a banquet suitable for a Thanksgiving meal. I breathed in the smells of bacon, sausage, eggs, and freshly squeezed juice; my stomach tightened in disapproval and I wonder how I ever found these foods appetizing.

“Are we expecting guest?” I asked Alice and gestured towards the abundance of food that would only serve Jacob, Resneseme, Nahuel, and the new twin girls.

Alice flashed a quick smile in Nahuel’s direction; “a few,” she sang before she skipped to the door to answer it just as the doorbell rang.

Leah walked in first, with a flutter in her step her eyes met Nahuel’s and locked.

No one seemed to notice the gravity that pulled them closer to one another. Nahuel brushed his hand along Leah’s cheek. I only saw with my peripheral vision, my attention, like everyone else’s was on Jeff and Danny as they walked to the front room where the twins played; both girls gleamed lovingly at their approach.

“Definitely a myth,” Jacob laughed as he stepped close to Nessie, “The stories claim that imprinting is rare.”