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My intent when I start this fan fiction was to write a rather involved and lengthy FF about how the family was able to defeat the Volturi aided by the new 1/2 breed population subsequently breaking the feud between werewolf and vampire.... I got kind of lazy and ended with the first chapter "Imprinting" posted earlier. The Preface is as follows, any fellow Twilight fan/writing nerds care to follow through with the prompt?


1. Preface

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I knew this day would come- and why shouldn’t it- no one deserves a life as perfect as the one that was granted to me. Such misfortune is almost deserving; some law, some force of nature must insist on keeping life’s balance. And why shouldn’t now be my time? I’ve cheated death more than one person would ever dream of having to. Yet this time is different there’s no noble act of bravery to choose - living means offering protection, the same protection that’s put us all in danger. But to die like this…to known that my family will soon follow my fate, what a cruel law the world must live by.