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Demetri, the undershadowed vampire in Midnight Sun's New Moon makes a comeback! Please read, my first Fanfic!


1. Demetri

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Hai my name is Demetri. You may have heard of me in New Moon, as one of Aro's Vampires. But that is not the whole me. One day, I see Aro. "We have one of the members of the Cullen coven." he tells me with a grim expression on his face.(Not that he can look grim, he is too wrinkled.) "So?" I reply skeptically. Jane steps up behind me. "Oh, those weirdos who only drink animal blood?" "Not much trouble from them lately, is there?" "Actually, Edward is going suicide". Aro replies. Whaaaa? "We have to take care of this???" I reply, already going into shock, "Well, yeah " says Felix. Felix is really close to Aro and he basically is perfect. He annoys me so much!!! Well, he is actually pretty useful and he acts like Aro's bodyguard so ..... Not really that bad, I guess. I crept slowly through the dark, wet tunnel into the shadowed alleys of the celebrating Roman town. How ironic I thought, that we are setting out to kill on this particular day, for WE are the vampires who Aro was supposed to get rid of so long ago... That was one of the setback of being a vampire. You had to live forever. Oh, what mortals would give to be immortal, but they always wish for what is worst for them, or at least that's what it seems like to me. I pulled my dark cloak closer around my marble form. Soon, we came to the clock tower. I saw the vampire. His skin was so purely white, and his auburn hair looked beautiful in the sunlight. He was set in a pose, as if he was about to die, welcoming his fate, palms facing upward..... Suddenly, a girl crashes into him. Whoa I did NOT see that coming!!! Wait a sec, was that his girlfriend??? I shake my head mournfully. What a lovely man.. So sad we'd have to end him, I smirked.