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I love you with old my heart

With the birth of Bella Swan, as Charlie and Renee bring her home as Renee asks Charlie she wants three more children as she doesn't want Bella to be an only child as Renee falls pregnant again, but will the two children belong to Charlie as they are not born yet and Renee all so happens to fall in love with his other best friend Harry Clearwater.

This is after Bella is born and later Charlie and Renee later on have three more children, the Cullen's are still living

1. Welcome home Bella Swan

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Renee, she looks alot like you Charlie with your big brown eyes and dark brown hair, can not what for her to see the world with her eyes as everything is now new to her as she grows we will all was be right beside her and love her as she grows up into a beautiful young woman. Charlie, I love Bella already as she will as just like you. Charlie places Bella into her crib, as he walks back down towards Renee as she tells him she wants three more children as she does not want Bella to grow up an only child. Charlie, I do not want anymore kids just yet as we just had Bella, Renee I now but can we please. Charlie looks at Renee and leaves. As Renee starts to cry and leaves the house as she then heads towards the bar which was down the street as she walked in as she got a pant of larger as she turned to see Charlie's other best friend Harry Clearwater. As the two began talking as they were starting to get really drunk as Renee and Harry then kissed each other