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Have you ever felt that you were being watched? Followed? The voice inside of you is convinced, yet when you turn around. There is no one there. But the felling doesn't go away. E&B, with all others. AU&AH.


1. Watched

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25 th march 2015

He heard her, before seeing her in the darkness. The sharp hills that she was wearing gave away the surprise of her arrival. But he didn't mind.

He stood there, in the mouth of the ally, surrounded by the darkness. She will never see him, they never did.

He leaned in to the damp wall. Hand going through his dark hair, removing them from his eyes. I need to get a haircut – he mustered, lip pushing up.

He looked again in the dark, her footsteps coming closer. He turned at the parking lot. His bike was there along with few others. He won't be needing it. They will be using her old red truck. It will more convenient.

"Fucking stupid shoes" he heard her curse. It did nothing but brought a smile in his lips. He loves it when she curses. The idea of those dirty words leaving from her innocent mouth always had some type of an appeal to him. None could ever do that to him. None.

Her breath was now hearable, as she nearly jogs toward him, the parking lot. When she reached the mouth of the ally, she stopped. He could feel her eyes scanning the darkness. She didn't turn toward her right to look. If she did she would had seen him.

She sighs, her shoulder dropped. She shook her head. A few brown hairs touching him, burning him. He wants her. He wants her now.

She gave a shaky laugh, unaware of the eyes that lingers at her, "Emmett was right. You are being paranoid"

Emmett was wrong. And believing him, was her mistake.