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One more fallen

A poem, that I think would be Edwards prospective


1. Chapter 1

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She came like rain on a cloudlessday

Unique to the soul of every way

Her mind a confusing place

Her eyes, fine and rimmed like silk and lace

She is mortal and yet so unatural

She was born strong like a fearless battle

Her smell so captivating, i crave her love

She descends to me like a perched dove

I cringe at the monster she adores

Our mirrored love cannot be torn

One day she will want to fall

Like the rest and suffer all

Inhumane and uncontrolled

Blessed and scorn

She will be my life, wife and passion

She will be my fallen curse

I will be her wall of sanity

I will be her victim of comformity

She will fall, I will catch, her tears are real

Her life is gone, she has been

One more fallen