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I Hate You, I Love You

"I hate you." "I love you." - Edward is the definition for the prince charming. With his looks, he certainly can trap anyone. He finds a girl named Kristen on the streets and gives her a job but little do people know that they're having a friends with benefits relationship. Kristen had already promised Edward that she'd never fall in love with him or anyone. That promise seemed to break when a boy named Taylor who is also Edward's close friend sees her and falls in love with her. With horrifying nightmares and unforgettable pleasures, hear the story of these three and their tragic experiences in their journey of love. Will love win or hate win?

Thank you for reading! xx

1. Chapter One: Introduction

Rating 5/5   Word Count 245   Review this Chapter

Edward came in wearing an armani suit and said loudly to his driver who was cleaning the car, "I don't want a single scratch on that car of mine." The driver nodded and scrambled off to keep the bucket and the cloth. Edward sighed and looked around. He had been living alone since the age of 16 and still he feels as if he is incomplete. Now, you might be thinking that he's that rude guy but no, he's not. He's as sweet as a candy but can be rude at times. Kristen was still sitting on the road and asking people for money. She helped a small boy who was going to fall. She is homeless but not heartless. She felt pity for herself in these kind of situations where she knew no one was there to save her nor to even help her. She sighed and said to herself, "I believe that one day that everything will be alright." Taylor, Edward's friend, is a caring and a funny guy. Taylor came in dashing and knocking things over. He yelled, "Ed, you better come here!" Edward chuckled on his friend's childishness. Taylor was the only person who actually gave Edward company when he was lonely. Taylor was the only person to make him happy. He believed that Taylor would never hurt him or so he thought. The routine of their lives were very simple but when someone uninvited barges in then everything comes downhill.