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Just One Yesterday

Yesterday I had been alone.
Yesterday I had been afraid.
Yesterday my life began.
Just one yesterday and everything had changed.
Elsie Kensington has returned to Forks, Washington after the murder of her father to live with her uncle, Graham. Growing up in Forks for half her life, the return to Forks for her last year of high school is not the happy reunion she had dreamed of. Whispers and stares follow her everywhere she goes, the rumors of her strange brother being involved in her father's death swirling through the small town. Elsie does make one friend on her first day back--Isabella Swan. But upon meeting her boyfriend, Edward, and two of his family members, Jasper and Alice, Elsie isn't sure if she can be friends with her. Needing protection from what threatens her life, Elsie finds herself turning to Bella's other friends: the wolves. An unlikely love blossoms amid the terror closing in on her.

[takes place around Eclipse-ish time, but does not follow the plot line. Ultimately Elsie/Jacob]
3/7/2017 - Chapter 2 has been added. Chapter 3 will follow shortly.
Rated Adult for: {{abuse, slight language, violence}}

As always I feel the typical declaimer is appropriate: I do not own anything Twilight. This story does not follow the typical plot lines of the books. It does take place around Eclipse, though many things beyond New Moon do not happen. Thank you for taking the time to read!

1. Chapter 1

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Elsie Kensington sighed, switching off the ignition of her black SUV before resting her head on the steering wheel, taking a few deep breaths. Starting a new high school a few months into the new school year was difficult enough, let alone starting one with people you had previously grown up with for half of your life. It was torture. After another breath Elsie gathered up her courage, grabbing her backpack before stepping out of the car. Head down, she made her way across the parking lot, trying unsuccessfully to block out the whispers and stares she was receiving.

“Oh my God, is that her?”

“She came back? No way…”

“I heard her brother came back with her…”

Picking up her pace a bit, Elsie pulled her hood up over her head, opening the door to the office. She tapped her fingers impatiently on the desk as the secretary printed out her schedule. “I’m sorry, Miss Kensington, but we simply don’t have many alternatives to the college courses you were completing at your old school. Advanced English is the best we can do.” Folding the schedule into her pocket she forced a small smile. It’s fine, thank you.” As she turned to leave the office her eyes widened, taking in the curious pods of students staring at her through the glass. Heat colored her cheeks as Elsie pushed past the group of curious onlookers heading across the dreary campus to the building where her first class would be taking place. She sighed in relief as she entered the classroom; only two other students had arrived as early as she had. Skipping the awkward introductions, she handed her slip to the teacher, securing a seat at the back of the classroom as students began filtering in. To give herself some sort of distraction from the stares she pulled out her notebook, doodling along the back cover with a black Sharpie marker.

Pretending to ignore the stares was easy, but the whispers were more difficult. She found herself listening in as her fellow classmates gossiped about her—people she had once considered acquaintances, if not friends, were now speaking about her as if she wasn’t sitting right in front of them. Hand clenched into a fist, Elsie grabbed her bag, pushing past the students as the bell rang to get the hell out of there as fast as she possibly could. Much of the day passed in the same fashion: stares and whispers, doodling and distraction. By the time she reached her last class before lunch she had already filled up both the front and back of her notebook with her idle doodles. So far, only one teacher had required her to awkwardly introduce herself, which had went a little something like, “My name is Elsie. Most of you know me already. And if you have something to say, why not say it to my face instead of pretending like I’m not in the room with you.” Though the speech hadn’t earned her back any of her old friends, it had stopped the whispers from occurring within earshot of her. As the bell rang, signaling the end of her class and the beginning of lunch, Elsie grabbed her bag, trying unsuccessfully to stuff her notebook and textbook inside, instead dumping the entire contents of the bag out on the floor. Great, this delay in getting to lunch would mean she would have to face the curious stares of the entire school all at once. As she stuffed her contents back inside as quickly as possible, her ears picked up on one of the many conversations her peers had been having about her.

“She’s a freak—I’m telling you,” a boy said. Elsie cautiously glanced up, watching as the boy spoke in hushed voices with a girl who was leaning close to him just outside the door of the classroom.

“I don’t know, Luke, I kind of feel sorry for her. I mean, her father is dead and her brother is still a person of interest in his murder…”

“Exactly! That family is whack, Jocelyn. She’s probably on the edge of snapping and becoming a serial killer just like her freaky brother,” the boy replied, his volume dropping considerably as Elsie stood, glaring at him.

“Maybe I’ll give my brother a call and invite you to the reunion, Luke,” she spat angrily as she pushed past him, walking quickly into a nearby bathroom. Running into the first stall she came to Elsie locked the door, letting out a yell of despair as she sank to the floor, arms wrapped around her sides, feeling as if she was literally holding herself together. Angry tears streamed down her face as the stares and whispers replayed in her head. I can’t do this, she thought, closing her eyes and wishing she could just be back home with her father in their tiny home in Forks, Washington. No rumors, no tragedies, no….

She couldn’t even bring herself to say it, the word for the thing her father and brother had become. It seemed surreal; sometimes Elsie wondered if she had imagined the entire thing, made it all up in her head. Maybe she was going insane, but if that was the case then why did she have memories of her brother….

At that Elsie’s thoughts broke off, the pain of the block in her mind causing her to bite down on her fingers to keep from screaming. “Your name is Elsie Kensington,” she whispered to herself. “You’re in Forks, Washington, where you used to live with your father. He’s dead, your mother doesn’t want you, and you’re all alone except for…him.” Elsie repeated the phrases several times until her breathing regulated, allowing her to stand, wiping the tears from her face. Exiting the stall, she splashed some cool water on her face, beginning to fix her makeup when the bathroom door creaked open. Holding her breath, Elsie froze, glancing at the person from the corner of her eye before breathing again. “Hello, Bella,” she whispered, fixing her mascara before turning to face her, flashing a small, fake smile.

Bella didn’t smile back. Instead, she took a few steps closer, hesitating as she took in Elsie’s disheveled appearance. “Are you…I mean do you…” Bella stammered, searching for the right thing to say. Bella Swan had never been one of Elsie’s best friends—in fact, they had merely been acquaintances. Elsie saw her over the summers she spent with her father, Chief Swan. She had been kind enough, from what Elsie knew of her. “Why don’t you eat lunch with us?” Bella asked, pointing towards the bathroom door. “I can introduce you to some people…” her voice trailed off, now realizing that introducing Elsie to people would probably be the last thing she would want. Elsie thought for a moment before shrugging her shoulders; what harm could it do, meeting some of Bella’s friends. She could use a little moral support if she was going to make it through this last year of high school hell. “Okay,” she replied simply.