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Muted Nebulous

Melanie Andrews' life seemed to be spiraling out of control. Her past was all a series of blurs, distorted images and incoherent, disjointed memories. She knew though, deep down, it was a sad story, though she couldn't remember it. But the color gold and her familiarity with name Cullen would set her world on the course to discovering the truth...or it would be her undoing.

Basically, I'm turning things on their head and writing something new.

1. Prologue

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"Don't do this. Please."

His voice was hoarse, strained and forced. He felt the crushing weight of the situation pounding against his chest. It hurt. It ached. He wanted to claw at it, expel it from himself.

But for all the power that pressed against him, weighed down upon him, encroached on his senses, he could not fight against it no matter how much he wished to. The air was thick with the horror of what was to come. He could sense a shift in the atmosphere, in the way time moved. The minute particles of dust seemed frantic as they fluttered and curled about him, pulled and prodded by some unseen force.

Everything seemed to slow and speed up all at once and he found himself trapped in the horrifying loop, the terrible reality where he was but a spectator.

He couldn't change anything, couldn't do anything.

He was nothing. He was worthless.

Worse still were the haunted eyes, the look of utter resignation as she slipped past him and stood as tall as she could in front of him.

Protecting him.

"There has to be another way. Any other way. Just, don't do this."

She turned and smiled towards him, her lips curved lightly upwards, eyes softly framed by long, dark lashes which did nothing to hide her exhaustion nor ease the reality of her suffering. Her cheeks were sallow and pale, lips chapped and broken and a bruise ran across her jaw.

But the light of late afternoon cast a halo about her golden hair and in that moment he felt the pang of loss, the deep-seeded horror of what was slipping through his fingers.

But she would not be swayed.

"I won't. I'm sorry but I won't. Not again. I won't let it happen again. Not to you. Not to your family. I can't. It'd kill me."

The sorrow that skittered across her face, marring her emerald eyes was unnerving and he watched her blink a few times to steady her warring emotions.

She swallowed a few times and sucked in a lungful of air before nodding her head once towards him.

"I can't. Never again. Please understand. I'm so sorry for all of this. You deserve better."

And with that, she was gone, her stride purposeful, hands clenched into tight fists as she marched towards the group standing at the gate, their shadows stretched long in early twilight hour, where the sun kissed the horizon and the deep, cool blues of even bled across the sky.