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A New Chance At Life.

Alison had become a member of the Cullen clan after narrowly escaping from her "family." The family she was living with before ran away, used her for their own selfish reasons. To drain her of her blood if anything else. She was the only human to live in a house full of blood thirsty vampires that never cared about her well-being. How will she adapt to the life she is about to get into? Read and find out. :)


1. New day

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I look around at the new people who have welcomed me into their home. Their eyes were gold and it was better than the red eyes that used to stare hungrily at me. Things with the red eyed ones were terrible. Nothing could be worse than being used only for blood. They planned to kill me... as slowly as possible. I knew what they are, vampires. It's not exactly a secret if they come to you just to drink your blood, right? Exactly, it's weird to admit that I was used as a blood bag for vampires, but I was. There's nothing I could do about it now, I'm away from them.

"Please tell me that we aren't seriously considering turning yet, ANOTHER human into what we are." I look up and a blonde girl spoke. She was extremely beautiful and kind of intimidating. She didn't seem to happy about the fact that I was here. "Carlisle, you know if the Volturi find out that we're changing another person, we can get killed for exposing what we are."

"That's where you're wrong, Rose. She already knew that vampires existed." The blonde male, whom I guessed to be Carlisle held my arm out. "Look at how many scars she has from vampires biting her."

I pull my arm back and I bite my lip nervously. They talk like I'm not even there, I don't like when that happens. I reminds me of the... others that I used to live with. I look down and start picking at my fingernails when I smell something being cooked. Vampires don't eat human food. They can, but it doesn't really help them in any way.