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Bella is ready to become a vampire. The Cullens are ready, too. But something always has to go wrong, doesn't it?


1. Chapter 1

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Summary: Bella is ready for immortality…everyone else seems willing enough to give it to her. However, her new life was nothing she expected. Complications couldn’t be avoided, could they?


Wife…I’m a wife…Mrs. Cullen. Isabella Cullen. Bella Cullen. Mrs. Bella Cullen…Wife of Edward Cullen. Mr. and Mrs. Cullen…

I smiled gently as I thought of my new name. Gone was my fear and my worry and the dread of getting married, because now I was married.


My smile grew. I held my hand above my face and admired Edward’s mom’s wedding ring on my finger. It felt so…right. I’d forgotten why I hadn’t wanted to get married in the first place. Edward shifted in the bed beside me, kissing my bare shoulder.

Our “try” had been a success. A good success for the three days Edward and I holed ourselves up in his room. Edward disappeared, bringing me back food when I was hungry. Otherwise, we spent an uninterrupted three days together. We talked and read and listened to music, but most of all, we made love. Then I ate and Edward watched, amused when I made a mess on myself.

I frowned as my eyes moved to my charm bracelet. I wondered briefly how Jacob was doing before Edward captured my lips in a deep kiss. I returned the kiss, enjoying everything about it. It was time, and I knew it. Edward made me promise not to make him do it on our wedding night, and I agreed. It was three days later, so it was the day.

His body was tense, I noticed as I ran my hands over his bare back. He was less afraid of killing me since he hadn’t done so on our wedding night, but he was still nervous. I was elated. This was exactly what I wanted. All I wanted. To spend an eternity with Edward.

“Are you sure?” he asked for the millionth time. He really didn’t want me to regret this. I noticed his golden eyes moving uncertainly to my charm bracelet.

“Yes,” I replied confidently. I was ready. Everyone was ready now. Even Rosalie had accepted my decision.

He smiled and nodded and kissed me one more time. A long, deep kiss. I focused hard to make it a clear and perfect memory. I didn’t want to forget anything.

Edward then moved to my neck and I craned it to one side, making a better reach, my heart racing in excitement. He kissed and licked on the same spot for a minute before finally I felt his teeth. He sunk them deep into my flesh and suddenly…There was pain. It traveled from that spot and quickly spread to my entire body. My skin burned and under my skin it was worse. My bones and my blood all were in pain.

I’m not sure if I screamed or made any noise at all. I remember was the pain. The deadly pain that consumed my whole being. I couldn’t focus on anything or think about anything. All I could do was feel…Feel that pain.

Then came the darkness.