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To be Human

Evelyn May Cullen is a smart child and the foster daughter of the Cullens. She is unsure of everything and wants to get things together. Carlisle thinks she isn't ready for human school since she does stand out. She was adopted by them in Denali and she has issues controlling her powers. So to prevent revealing her secret, the Cullens leave her home. Until Esme makes Carlisle give her a chance. But now she has to eat her words and act as human as everyone else.

First story on here. Constructive Criticism is always welcome

1. Her first attempt

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As the snow fell in the city of Fairbanks Alaska, Carlisle was just returning from his shift at the hospital and he could already tell there was something he was missing. Esme was waiting by the window and she looked pensive. Esme was worried and that was something that Carlisle never liked. It meant something was up. Most recently it was their foster daughter. Evelyn May was 9 and knew the secret of them being vampires. She was able to keep it and that they knew. They'd had tested that ability numerous times. She always appeared to be the energetic nine year old girl that they adopted.

He walked in and fixed his blonde hair combing the snow out with his fingers. "Welcome home. Long day?" Carlisle couldn't help but nod. He had a long day of dealing with frostbite victims as well as bear attacks. "We had a quiet day but it got a little out of hand. Thanks to Renesmee being allowed to go to school," Esme trailed.

Carlisle didn't need her to finish. He nodded at the predicament. Evelyn was told it was too dangerous for something like her to go to school yet Renesmee was going. "I'll go speak with her. Where is she right now?"

"She's up with Jasper reading," Esme answered. Carlisle nodded and went upstairs to see his son and daughter together.

"So when Jack," Evelyn began before hearing a knock and seeing Carlisle. "Daddy!" Jasper put the book away and watched as Carlisle twirled her and picked her up. "Did she tell you?" Carlisle nodded and that smiled. "So can I go?"

"I think that's something your mother and I really need to talk about. How about we talk about this tomorrow night?" She nodded and he smiled. "Alright. Go get your books. I want to look them over," he informed. She nodded and immediately took off for the books.

"Be careful Carlisle," Jasper warned and he nodded. Jasper knew the pain she would feel if she was lied to. Esme and Carlisle had a lot of discussing to do.