Time Travel Should be Illegal

By Tracy   Rating 3.7/5   Stories 2  

Bella has a problem... She can travel through time. When and where she is going is a total mystery. But each time she goes backwards, she finds him.

Title Age Rating Reviews Chapters Complete Words
A Better Place, A Better Time Teen 4.5/5 172 14 Yes 18524
It’s impossible, this can’t be… 1917. Even time, itself, can’t keep them apart. If this is a dream… I don’t ever want to wake up. Bella finds herself nearly 100 years in the past. Coincidentally in the city of Chicago. (Takes place during New Moon when Edward has left, AU.) Time traveling should be illegal. *COMPLETE* Sequel "All This Time" is posted on my profile.
All This Time Adult 3.7/5 35 3 No 3452
...it was you I needed.Sequel to A Better Place, A Better Time. Bella comes back from the past to confront a blood-lusting Edward who has lost his vegetarian ways. "His green eyes are haunting me from every corner of my dreams. I need him. I have to find him again." AU *INCOMPLETE*