My Everything

By Jacobblackforever   Rating 4.5/5   Stories 2  

This is a series with one main story, My Salvation. But the other stories soon to join it are going to be sort of one-shots of stuff from my end notes on chapters in My Salvation. For example, the little green men and wonderbread.Also this will have any sequels to anything mentioned above anyways read and enjoy

Title Age Rating Reviews Chapters Complete Words
My Salvation Teen 4.5/5 36 11 Yes 14030
This is about Jennifer, Quil and Claire's only daughter. She and her family move back to La Push after being away for years. What happens when Jenny meets Jacob? Read and Find out. Chapter Six is up. Chapter Seven in validation! I am terrible at summaries!!!**disclaimer**I own nothing but the characters that come out of my own mind Go check out the sequel. 'Mi Vida' when you finish reading this one.
Scaring Dr. Cullen Everyone 5/5 5 1 Yes 564
This is a one-shot from Chapter Seven of My Salvation where while Jake is talking to the doctor Jenny is trying to scare him by making funny faces and such. This is my first one-shot and I hope you like it!