The Sunny Series

By Shannon R   Rating 4.5/5   Stories 2  

If you've read my first story then you already know who Sunny is. If not, then please do. I plan on writing a whole series of stories and one-shots about Sunny and the Cullens.

Title Age Rating Reviews Chapters Complete Words
Sunny Everyone 5/5 13 8 Yes 19503
Carlisle's/ Clara's/Bella's POV: An inspiring 13 yr old girl becomes Carlisle's newest patient and quickly wins his affections. When her mother suddenly dies, Carlisle instantly steps in to care for her and makes her one of his own.
First Year Everyone 4/5 5 6 No 9717
Carlisle made the difficult decision to change 13 year-old Sunny into a vampire before her cancer could kill her. This is Sunny's first year as a Cullen and a vampire.