I was Imprinted On

By Loch Ness Werewolf   Rating 4.5/5   Stories 1  

This is a moderated series about people who have been imprinted on. What about their 'former' lives? What if they were married, engaged, or had a boyfriend/girlfriend? What happens to the rest of their lives?

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*Sparklepuppies* Teen 4.5/5 72 2 No 1575
In this story, Renesmee discovers an irrisitable urge to have a child. This story is the ups and downs and complications of Renesmee's life with her new husband Jacob.(They have been married for one year) Hey Everyone! I just wanted to tell you that I am now Loch Ness Werewolf!!! Keep Writing! P.S. I am also a beta!!! Just contact me at lmitchler@yahoo.com ~Nessie Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!