Destiny's Children

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Bella's parents, Renee and Charlie died in a fire when Bella was only 2 months old...But what happens when The Cullen's adopt her and raise her as one of their own? But what will Bella do when she finds out the biggest Super natural secret about her self? Bella has such a special gift yet she thinks its a curse... What will happen when Bella has to face the truth and stop hiding from herself? And what does the saying 'Save the Cheerleader, Save the world' have anything do with her? Bella breaks free through this series running and hiding from herself, but only to find that she will never be normal, live normal or ever have a normal life. Bella runs into other super natural people just like her, most of whom who help her... But how will she tell the stange family she's came to know and love what's rong with her? What choices will Bella make in her Super natural life, and will those choices be the good ones? Sneak Peek!Life and love, such a strange thing when you actually start to consider this. What’s life without love in it? And is there a point? My life as I know it has no meaning, it is all but a pointless lost soul of a girl roaming around the world with no place to turn too. Who to trust and who not too? My Destiny has not been decided and is left for me to face the paths of fate alone with no help from the real world what so ever. Although I am far from normal.I have travelled a long, long way and now I have still can’t comprehend my being here, is there a purpose? Am I even here for a reason, but then I turn around and open my eyes and realize that the road to my destiny is right unfront of me. Now my only choice left is…Am I going too choose it?

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