Lovely Existence

By XxBleedingSoulxX   Rating 5/5   Stories 1  

At a Forks High school reunion Mike Newton sees the Cullens one last time including Bella Cullen and the lovely mysterious Renesmee Cullen. \r\nAfter the reunion Mike\'s son Toby finds something and soon shows them to his father. Then Mike is changed into a vampire but to his family he was killed. \r\nSoon Toby is trying to find out his father\'s death. And whoever forgot about the Cullen family?

Title Age Rating Reviews Chapters Complete Words
Reunion Everyone 5/5 3 1 Yes 1280
What happens when Forks High School is having a high school reunion? Will the Cullens go? Will the former students of Forks High find out the truth about the Cullens? And then Edward wearing a black tux, and Bella?!?!?! She had golden eyes like the rest of them and was paler, and still looked 18, and was hotter, and was wearing heels?!?!??!I turned to look at Jessica and Lauren. They were in shock.Bella and Edward looked so happy and in love...