All I Ever Wanted

By Mary Renesmee Vanessa   Rating 3.3/5   Stories 1  

"Jake, you can let him go. But you're having a hard time letting her go. She'll come back" "She's my little girl. I'm not letting her go." "She won't stay young forever." Jacob and Renesmee have a family. They are happily married and living together in a house the Cullens and wolves built together. But there's one problem. Jake's having trouble letting his daughter go because she and him have such a close relationship. He doesn't want his little baby girl to grow up and he really doesn't want him to leave him. Will he ever be able to let her go? Or will his fatherly and werewolfly insticts not let her go?

Title Age Rating Reviews Chapters Complete Words
Again? Adult 3.3/5 8 6 No 10857
Bella wanted a child. Now so does Renesmee. Will Jacob want the child or will he be like Edward and want to get rid of him/her? Why is Leah acting so weird? How she involved in this? Seth is acting weird too.