Edward and Bella Cullen

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The pain was bewildering to Bella and she couldn’t make sense of what was happening. She could hear Edward and Carlisle talking and Alice, but Bella wouldn’t wake as she was holding in the pain. Her heart still blazed with the fire as it left the rest of her body. Bella’s heart gave on last beat, and she opened her eyes. Everything was so clear to her now. She didn’t need air and none of her actions were labored. She thought she would only feel thirst to start off with, but there was much more and she hugs Edward and for the first time as she was stronger than she had realized. He kisses Bella and it was like they had never kissed before, a different kind of fire burned inside her now. Emmett cleared his throat and she realized they had company. She was desperate to see Renesmee, but the others are against it until she hunts; then she realizes she can hear the heart beating downstairs and her mouth starts watering; they were right. She looks in a mirror and her eyes are bright red, it will take a few months for them to turn amber and then gold. Jasper is amused at how well she is controlling herself and Edward is disappointed that he still cannot read her mind. Edward leads Bella out of the window. Bella is amazed how fast she can run and how far she can jump. Edward teaches her to follow the scent and find her prey, but she nearly attacks Edward after smelling some hikers and concentrates to be able to run off away from the scent. Edward has never seen this before; Bella was acting too rational for a newborn. She takes down a mountain lion, and is still hungry so they continue the hunt. Bella knocks him over whilst kissing and tells him she is ready to see Renesmee now. Renesmee has a heartbeat, is warm-blooded and sleeps. Her skin is as impenetrable as a vampires and she has brown eyes like Bella’s were. She prefers to drink blood at the moment but they are trying to get her to eat human food. She communicates well and is growing rapidly. Jacob is waiting for them in the garden she sniffs and wrinkles her nose; he stinks! Bella realizes that she doesn’t need Jacob like she used to, that feeling is gone and the friendship remains. Jacob was testing Bella. The baby’s eyes were aware and intelligent like an adult. Renesmees’s fragrance was perfectly balanced for Bella to handle. Although apprehensive, Jacob handed Bella her daughter and Renesmee’s skin was almost as hot as Jacob’s but it didn’t bother her. Renesmee touches Bella’s face and it was a memory of Bella from Renesmee’s mind, showing that she knew who she was. It was her gift, like Edward’s or Alice’s. Jacob was getting too close, invading Bella’s space. Edward tells him to back off or he will throw him out. Jacob stared at Renesmee like a blind man would stare at the sun for the first time and suddenly Bella realized; Jacob has imprinted on Renesmee. How could he, she was being restrained by Edward and the whole family were poised to stop anything from happening. Jacob couldn’t help it as Bella knew, but it doesn’t stop her from being mad, it is her child. It was Renesmee pulling Jacob to Bella whilst she was pregnant. She calms but Jacob slips and calls her Nessie. Bella is infuriated that they have nick named her after the loch ness monster and she lunges for his throat. Seth had jumped in at he last minute and had broken his shoulder and collarbone, Edward was apologizing and so did Bella as it was her fault, but everyone was still impressed at how well she was doing. As Jacob had imprinted, Renesmee was now under protection from the pack and Jacob explained to Sam that the treaty was intact so there was nothing to worry about. She holds Renesmee again and this time is shown other memories and realizes that Renesmee sees Jacob as “hers”. Bella thinks self control could be her gift. The Cullen’s arrived home and gave Bella a key. They wished her happy 19th birthday; it was September 13th. Bella was not amused; when she became a vampire she was 18 forever. The Cullen’s had other ideas and Alice whisks Bella and Edward off into the forest to show them her surprise. They have renovated a cottage in the woods so they can have some privacy and be close to the family. Alice leaves them to it and they make out for many hours, Bella wonders if they didn’t sleep then how did they decide when to stop? They arrive at the house just after Renesmee has woken. Jake has talked to Charlie and he is on his way up to see Bella. Edward explains to Jake that this will cause Bella pain because of the smell of human blood and Jake is sorry for this. The Cullen’s give her hints on how to be more human and contact lenses so that her eyes aren’t so red. Jake explains that he phased in front of Charlie and Charlie told him that he would rather know as little as possible about the situation as long as he could see Bella. He was amazed at the difference in Bella and was not fooled by the story of adopting a child when Renesmee looked so much like the pair of them. He agrees to keep the secret, not that he knows the whole truth anyway. Bella challenges Emmett to an arm wrestle to show him how strong she really is and wins, breaking a massive boulder in the garden, Bella continues and destroys the rock to rubble; everyone laughs including Renesmee. Renesmee spoke her first words after one week and no more than three weeks later she was walking. At three months she could have been a small two-year old. She could run and dance and her hair hung down to her waist. Bella knows she has to go to the Volturi so they know she is turned. They cannot risk the Volturi coming to forks and seeing Renesmee. Aro had sent a wedding gift, a woven gold necklace with a white diamond the size of a golf ball hanging in the middle. If Bella goes alone then Aro cannot see Renesmee in Edward’s or Alice’s thoughts. Bella, Jake and Renesmee were hunting; whilst there Irena shows up and sees Bella and Jacob (a wolf; like the one that killed Laurent) and a vampire child (like the one her mother died for). Irena darted off into the forest. They hurried home on Carlisle agreed to go looking for Irena to straighten things out. Alice has a startling vision of Irina going to the Volturi after she had seen Renesmee. All of them will come to kill the child and anyone who stands in their way. Not just the family, the guard and the wives too (who never left the city). They would be wrong as she is not an immortal child and they need to prove this to the Volturi. Alice and Jasper leave as Jacob arrives and Bella tells him everything. The wolves are preparing themselves to stand with the Cullen’s again. The family realize that Alice has been gone for a long time and track her scent but they bump into Sam who has a note for them. Alice has gone, she tells them to seek out all of the coven’s who will bear witness and any nomads too, but she is sorry for her part. Edward says Alice sees more than she tells people but that can either be good or bad and everyone is taking that as a bad thing right now. The Cullen’s split up to find the other families. Tanya’s coven will arrive in the morning and Edward, Bella, Nessie and Jake would have to explain to them the situation. Rose and Emmett are searching for nomads and Carlisle is after some of his old friends. Bella found an address in her book at the cottage; Alice had left it for her. The address was for a J Jenks in Seattle.

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