Bella and Edward

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In despair Bella wants to learn to fight or defend herself at least. Edward tells her that although Jane makes you feel the worst pain imaginable, Alec makes you feel emptiness, like an anaesthetic. He cuts off your senses and you wouldn’t feel it coming so to speak. They both incapacitate you but in different ways. Jane can only concentrate on one person, but Alec can make everyone empty; just like Edward can hear everyone and Aro can only hear the person he is touching. Bella believes that if Alec cannot affect her, and due to his power he might not be a great fighter; then she may be able to take him out of the equation. Demitri was the leader of the guards; their tracker. Edward tells her that Eleazar used to be in the Volturi but he met Carmen and they found Tanya and her family and he was much happier than following the Volturi’s rules. Eleazar had a gift for seeing other vampires “gifts” and this is why the Volturi wanted him so they could make their family and army stronger. Tanya, Kate, Carmen and Eleazar arrive, Edward shows them Renesmee and at first they are horrified but they can hear her heartbeat. Renesmee touches Carmen and shows her everything that has happened. They took turns to see until all four believed and Edward explains what Irena thinks she saw and then told the Volturi. He also explains that they are not expected to fight but just to bear witness. Tanya tells them that they will stand by the Cullen’s no matter what. Eleazar mentions that the family is talented; a mind reader for a father, a shield for a mother and whatever Renesmee will grow into as she gets older. Edward is shocked by this, the fact that Edward has never read Bella means she is extremely powerful and it is a mental defence. Renata another vamp could shield Aro physically from attack, but not this way. Kate also has an offensive skill, but it doesn’t affect Bella otherwise she would have been shocked across the room when she grabs her and asks for help with her own gift. It’s like electric jolt. They are told of another member of the Volturi guard; Chelsea, she can strengthen or loosen an emotional tie between individuals or covens. This made it easier for the Volturi to fight only who they considered to be the guilty ones and punish them, they would spare the so called innocent ones, but most likely they had a power which the Volturi had sought for their own uses. The fact that the Cullen’s and the Denali’s abstained from human blood meant that they could form bonds such as love, which the Volturi and other clans couldn’t do. Eleazar believes that the reason the Volturi is bringing everyone; which was unheard of was more of an acquisition trip and an excuse to get rid of the others that would stand in their way or challenge their power. Such people like Alice and this was why she had gone; also Aro wanted Edward and Bella; possibly Kate and Eleazar as well; any vampire with a gift. The families believe that the decision had been made by the Volturi but they needed a pretext to go on; which was offered by Irena. This meant the Volturi were abusing the trust all immortals had placed into them to keep order, but no one would believe this willingly. A car drives up and its Peter and Charlotte; Alice and Jasper had found them too. Renesmee showed Peter and Charlotte what she was and they were instantly on the Cullen’s side. The Irish coven arrived; Siobhan, Liam and little Maggie (who could tell if someone was telling the truth) she only had to hear Edward and the rest believed everything. The Egyptian coven; Amun, Kebi, Benjamin and Tia arrived. Amun and Kebi would not touch Renesmee and wanted to leave but Benjamin persuaded them to stay for a while. Benjamin had a gift which Amun was trying to keep from Aro. He could manipulate the elements; earth, air, fire and water and no shield had every stopped him either. Garrett, Mary and Randall arrived separately; all nomads that Rose and Emmett had sent, they too bared witness to Renesmee and agreed to help. Jacob tried to keep his distance as there were so many now and he couldn’t remember all the names and the smell wasn’t great either. They other Cullen’s returned and Carlisle bought Alistair back with him; a dear friend, a tracker as well but he preferred to sulk in the attic. The amazons then arrived; Alice must have sent them as Carlisle could not reach them, so she was in South America. Zafrina and Senna were here but Kachiri was not; Alice had needed her to stay, and that’s all she would tell them. They allowed Renesmee to prove her point and they were every bit as taken with her as all the other visitors. Zafrina could conjure a great illusion to trick others, but Bella couldn’t see anything as usual. Renesmee wanted Zafrina to show her the illusion she showed her daddy and seconds later a dazzling smile lit up on her face. The first time Edward taught Bella to fight he knocked her to the ground. He didn’t want to fight her even if it was teaching so Bella had to get Emmett to teach her instead. Bella worked with Kate on pushing her shield out to protect others around her, but it felt like a rubber band that wasn’t budging. Then whilst everyone was watching Kate got Renesmee to go to Bella. Bella and Edward knew what Kate was doing and Bella was enraged; it was alright for Edward to suffer a few jolts from her in training but not Renesmee. As Kate drew near Bella could start to feel the elasticity in her shield stronger than before, as if instinct took over to protect whom she held dear. Kate turned to Edward and asked if he could hear Nessie’s thoughts and surprisingly he couldn’t. Bella pushed her shield around Edward and asked Kate to try with him, but this time he didn’t feel a thing, even Zafrina tried and he couldn’t see her illusion. Zafrina tested Bella by making everyone think they were blind and getting Bella to push her shield to encompass them

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