By CullenGirl_13   Rating 5/5   Stories 2  

This series started with 'symbols of love'. Symbols of love is Bella's story of how Edwad left her again, only this time she's pregnant. She moves to north Dakota and has her kids, and she lives with another vampire named Eric. Soon her kids get kidnapped and she has to save them. But she needs help. Mind control and Boys is the next story in this serier that I just started. This is Kate's story. Kate has many problems now. She is falling in love, and someone is trying to take over her body using mind control. What will happen?

Title Age Rating Reviews Chapters Complete Words
Symbols of love Teen 5/5 112 10 Yes 11727
Edward leaves Bella, again. Only this time, somethings different. Bella is pregnant.
Mind control and Boy's Everyone 5/5 28 1 No 3810
Sequel to 'Symbols of love'. Kate starts hearing a wierd voice in her head, she loses control of her body and powers. On top of that, she's falling in love. What will happen?