Things a SMS Marketing Person Should Know

Things a SMS Marketing Person Should Know

Modern technology has introduced many ways of marketing. If you want to market your business, you can do it using many different ways. SMS marketing is the most excellent way because you will see instant results. Most people think that SMS marketing is simple and does not need extensive marketing knowledge. It is possible when you have an excellent marketing company with you. Still, you need to know certain things to give strength to your SMS marketing campaign.

Opt-in and opt-out rules

Every industry has some marketing rules to avoid misuse of the marketing channel. In the case of text message marketing, the government has opt-in and opt-out rules. To send SMS to a person, they should agree that they want to receive marketing messages from you. When people select to get the SMS, it is called opt-in. If someone does not want to get the messages in the future, he can opt-out of the marketing messages. Every marketing message should have some details about the way to opt-out of the marketing messages services. If you follow the rules, you can avoid fines from government agencies.

Frequency of messaging

It is essential to know about the type of people who have subscribed to your marketing messages. If your audience is reading all the marketing messages, you should not send the same message many times. If the audience ignores many marketing messages, you should send the same offer with different wording many times in a single day. The frequency of messaging depends upon the type of audience. You can craft a perfect messaging frequency by understanding the behavior of your audience.


It is not possible to craft a perfect text message marketing campaign without knowing the routine of your audience. If your audience consists of young people, sending a message early in the morning is not suitable. If your audience consists of older people, you can send the SMS early in the morning for better results. If you know when your audience is most receptive, you can craft your marketing campaign according to that.

Things to include in SMS

You have to include some information that is mandatory according to the government policies. You should include discounts and other promotional things in your SMS. You can also send customer service-related messages. Some companies send links to review the services. You can also send marketing messages to invite people to an event.