Tips for Choosing a Rhinoplasty Surgeon for Your Nose Job

Tips for Choosing a Rhinoplasty Surgeon for Your Nose Job

One of the facial features defining your beauty or handsomeness is always the nose. Therefore, how big, small, or curved it remains a more significant concern among many. There is now a sure way for people in Beverly Hills to work this out, correcting your nose’s shape to what you want. Robert Kotler MD, a renowned Rhinoplasty, now offers uttermost services for ‘nose repair.’

Kotler, formerly a teacher at a military medical institution, rose to be one of Beverly’s best rhinoplasty. Beyond his career, he has published books for both the public and dermatologists on matters cosmetic surgery.

His attributions as an investor are alive at the Reltok Clear-Flo Nasal Airway. The invention helps critically in both nasal and sinus surgeries. Its significance relates to an extra margin of safety and comfort it offers to the patients.

Types of nose procedures

Nose surgery procedures vary depending on the situation of the problem. Dr. Robert Kotler at his hospital, Robert Kotler MD, offers various them as specified below.

1. Primary rhinoplasty

Here the procedure is all about initializing the facial aesthetical surgery on your nose. Various problems addressed at this stage include;

· Dorsal bumps

· A drooping nasal tip

· A crooked nose

These procedures intend to bring facial balance towards the certification of the patient. Dr. Robert, with his intensive skills, offers quality nose surgeries that ultimately give that natural appearance. You will, therefore, barely notice any stitches nor scars. These operations also aim at ensuring your breathing remains as comfortable as it should always be.

2. Revision rhinoplasty

Not all who visit Dr. Robert’s Beverly hospital come for initial cosmetic surgery. For some, it is all about revision or reassurance that the surgery went well. As many doctors would put, Nose surgery is a sensitive procedure that demands highly professional skills and, more so, experience. Dr. Robert Kotler, in his position, holds all these qualifications, and through his hospital, he delivers just that. In his operation, he’s always keen about not causing more complications such as;

· Collapsed nostrils

· An upturned or drooping nose tip

· An overall unnatural appearance

3. Ethnic rhinoplasty

Do you want to embrace the looks of other ethical groups, Africa, Latin America, and so on? Well, Robert Kotler, MD, can very well help you with this. If you want to retain your ethnic resemblance, he will always maintain that while making other adjustments.

4. Permanent non-surgical rhinoplasty

It is not always that you will need to undergo surgery to get the shape of the nose you want. At Beverly Hills, Dr. Robert has the expertise you need to get a permanent non-surgical solution for your nose. This process involves silicone-based fillers, which both feel and appear natural for a better look.