Not much to say about me. I'm obsessed beyond belief with all things Twilight, but if you're on this site you probably are too. I haven't written much in a while do to the the stress of school and stuff, but eventually I'll get back to it. I also love musical theater Pirates of the Carribean, and I'ma total francophile. I'm also a softball player, a fact that surprises many people I meet, due to my Bella like balance. I also took Ballet for eight years, which you would think would improve more than my posture, but nope. If you've ever seen one of those "If you ever..... Copy and paste this to your profile " things, I've probably done it, especially if it involves walking into inatimate objects, or thinking bunnies will rule the world, or something like that. Although I tend to only believe bunnies will rule the world at ridiculous hours of the morning.

Stories Written (7)

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Family Ties Teen 5/5 26 5 No 3639
This is a crossover with the Sweep series by Cate Tiernan. Bella's unknown cousin morgan comes to visit from New york, and a secret about Bella's family is revealed.
What Not to Watch with Your Boyfriend Everyone 5/5 58 4 Yes 2333
Renee finally sends the rest of Bella's things to her.
Angels Come Back Teen 4.5/5 73 7 No 5423
What if Bella died? What if she could come back?
Daughter Everyone 5/5 9 1 Yes 739
Carlisle reflects on his feelings about his youngest daughter.
Not Mine Everyone 4/5 3 1 Yes 542
This is a one-shot from Rosalie's perspective. It is her feelings on Nessie.
No Way Out Teen 5/5 198 21 No 26082
Edward left Bella and never came back, Victoria never came after her, but a monster of the mortal kind did. Now Bella is an NCIS agent trying to solve the most difficult case of her career.
Serious Mistake Everyone 5/5 3 1 Yes 1313
This is during New Moon, Edward is away from Bella and he ducks into a building to escape the rain. Based on the song Serious Mistake by the Plain White T's.

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