dog in poppy feild Yay! I have my own account now. Some of the stories, you may notice, are the same as the ones written by the CandyCritters. DONT WORRY! I was Twizzler Terrier (who wrote all but one of those stories) so they're MY stories. However, I'll only be continuing SOME of the stories I started. I'll try to make it as non-confusing as possible but considering I'm horrible at computers, it might have the opposite effect. Sorry! Favs- stagepaper on board Music: all but rap Book being read right now: Inkheart fav in twilight series: twilight I LALALALALOVE plot twists of every kind! Its so cool! I DO believe in the butterfly effect (no, thats not a religion, I'm christian) a little, but not the extremeities as some. Like that one choice can effect nearly everyone on earth, not a butterfly lands on a leaf and six weeks later theres a hurrican. Anyway, i like to use things like that in my fanfiction. Yes, I do write my own stories, so if you need help, want an honest opinion, or something like that, contact me. :) jasperGrocery List- Jasper!Edward's letter to Jacob

Stories Written (12)

Title Age Rating Reviews Chapters Complete Words
Gone and never coming back. Adult 0/5 1 4 No 2995
Edward is gone, Bella realizes that and moves to Jacksonville. Her problems are far from over when everyone she's ever know dies or disappears. She adopted two twin little sisters, and has a brotherly best friend vampire, but what happens when another vampire decides he wants one of the twins, and won't take no for an answer? The only thing they can do is run. pic of highway
Marionette Adult 5/5 9 2 No 15338
Edward leaves Bella, none of the Jacob events in new moon happened. The Volturi find out a human (Bella) was aware of them, so they come for her. They have a new member of the guard, one with and ability that Bella isn’t immune to. Edward snapped and came for her, he finds out she died, but he suspects otherwise. Thirteen years later, and Bella is a trained member of the Volturi guard, loyal, important, enslaved…
Spilled Mascara Adult 5/5 21 6 No 7562
Bella's parents stay together until she's nine, then break up violently and full of hatred. It changed Bella. She hides her pain behind mascara...then she meets Edward.
WARNING:This story is as real life as possible... in other words...it might not have a compleate happy ending.
Truth Hurts Teen 5/5 14 4 No 3415
He squirmed and turned to me, opening his eyes. He stopped crying immediately. All my fears were completely irrational. I looked into his bright blue eyes and I knew, I was meant for him and vice-versa. Quill had nothing on me. notebook paperA Leah love story.
Two Roads Adult 4/5 7 2 No 1319
bella and edwards kiss After Bella joins the Cullens, a new member joins them, a girl named Lucy. When changed, her power is stronger than any vampire in history. The Volturi must have her. The Cullens must protect her. She’s confused, she’s angry, she’s hurt and broken by a boy named James. Sides will be chosen, lines will be crossed, some will live, some will die, and what Bella and Edward do is worse than imaginable.
Room 624 Adult 3/5 5 1 No 660
New Moon, Page 96, Bella, “I could tell the truth-if I wanted to spend the rest of my life in a padded cell.”
Because You Need Me. Adult 5/5 2 2 No 1578
hat on wall Locked in hurt and hatred, Bella married Mike after Edward left. She’s twenty and they now have two beautiful girls that are six and two. When the past begins to haunt her, Bella, Claudia, Arabella, and Mike move out into the country. The next thing she knows her marriage and the very thing that has kept her sane for the past two years starts to falter. Her whole world is shaking beneath her and she doesn’t know what to do. Divorce is sinful in God’s eyes, no questions asked. And now her daughter is being taken from her, who can she turn to for help? Her past love comes back for her, and he won’t fight fair, for her rose-covered glasses for him seem to have disappeared.
Falling Teen 0/5 3 1 Yes 1204
cliff When a horrible accident happens to Angela, Edward and Bella must make a life altering choice. And it's not an easy one. Choose something selfish? Or something right in the long run? Which is which?
Truth Lies Teen 0/5 1 1 Yes 1013
Leah is hurt by the people she thought she loved and loved her. Here is her pain. rain It's a bit confusing, but itallic goes with itallic, regular goes with regular. If you have to read it separat, go ahead.
Burning Inside Teen 0/5 2 2 No 2785
Basic idea of what I thought Jane's life was like. pic of jane with rose
Finding Renesmee's Favorite Food Everyone 4.5/5 12 1 Yes 877
Renesmee could eat human food if she wanted to, she just doesn't want to...yet. Bella's going to fix that though. pic od renesmee and apple
Complications Teen 4.5/5 3 1 No 1817
Before Jasper met Alice he met a human girl named Amy. They fell in love. When she tragically and suddenly dies, Jasper finds Alice. Now, many years later: what happens when Amy is dead, but as a vampire instead of at the bottom of the ocean, bringing on new complications in the Cullen family. snowy forest This may seem familiar. I posted this story but wanted to rewrite it. Unfortunately, I deleted it before i realized i could just edit the chapters (...hehe... umm....) So yeah. ENJOY!

Series Written (2)

Title Rating Reviews Stories
Mascara 5/5 21 1
Stories of what would happen if Bella's parents stayed together, then broke up voilently, leaving Bella scared and full of hatred.
Truth 5/5 14 1
A series of Leah events full of truth and lies, and sometimes hurt that turns out for the better. \"wolf\"