I have 3 dogs and 3 cats. Patch, Luke, Tille (dogs) and B.C.(BraveCat), Annie, and Shamus (cats). I have the best friends in the whole entire world. We love to joke about each other a lot. I love to write stories on my graphing calculator with my friend. Most of them are completely random. I have two brothers and a sister. My oldest brother is 21 and is deployed with the Marines until Jan or Feb 2008. My other brother is 18 and a senior in high school. And my sister is 12 and loves to get on my nerves. I have a very odd obsession with office supplies. Ever since I was little I have wanted to own my own cash register. Me and my sister love Hello Kitty and Cinnamonroll. They are so adorable!! My birthday is on January 1st. Yep, thats right. I am a New Years Baby everyone. I am completely random and very sarcastic. I will tell you what is on my mind, no holding back. I am very wacky and silly. I have a very loud voice, just like my dad. I have a friend who is half French. He was born in France and has dual citizenship in the US and France. I speak Spanish, I have taken three 2 years and am on my third in school. I HATE poetry. I love a good game of in my pants. You know when you write a movie title, book title, song title etc. and add in my pants after it. Me and a couple of my friends played it in English one day. We were all laughing hysterically. Luckily, we had an awesome substitute, so he didn't care. My favorite books are the Twilight Series, A Great and Terrible Beauty Series, Just Ella, and Blue Bloods. My favorite movies are Howl's Moving Castle, Castle in the Sky, Pride and Prejudice, Lord of the Rings, Employee of the Month, and Phantom of the Opera. Well, that's about it. Hope you enjoyed reading about me! Okay, here is something I heard someone say, and I thought it was funny: instead of saying LOL, use LQTM. It stands for Laugh Quietly To Myself. isn't that awesome!!!!!

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Early Return Teen 4.5/5 134 8 No 11196
Edward finally caves in and decides to come back to Bella early, will he be excepted back with open arms? *This is my first story so I hope you enjoy it
CHAPTER 8:Forever is up!

A "Dazzling Game" Teen 4.5/5 212 4 No 4915
What if the tables were turned. What if Bella was the one doing the "dazzling"? Just a fun story that popped into my head. Please tell me what you think!!
Bella Buys a Brand New Car Everyone 4/5 30 2 Yes 3088
Bella has been a vampire for two years...She decides that it is time to get a new car... Alternate Version to Chapter 1 posted.

With Love in Mind Teen 5/5 4 1 Yes 1701
I was shocked to realize that I wasn’t alone. I was leaning on the counter with my hands on either side of a girl. I winced thinking that I had decided to go back on my vegetarian diet, until I noticed my smile. Alice's vision of Edward...Oneshot in Edward's POV

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