My name is Stephanie Taylor Scott. I live in Clive, Iowa. i know boring. ^.^ My friend, Amanda, introduced me to the Twilight series. I soon feel in love with it. I bought three copies of just that one book. lol. I began reading it aloud one night when my friend, Megan, was over. She soon made me stay up all night reading the whole book to her aloud. My voice hurt but i couldnt get enough either. I read the entire book to her in one night. The next day we ended up changing our schedules just so we could go buy New Moon. I ended up having to read New Moon aloud to her that night. I finished both those books in two days. We both we're completely in love and doing all the reserch we could on the series. finding out if there was a potential movie in the making, or when Eclipse was going to be release. We made a pack that on August 7th We would go buy the book together. Then i would stay at her house and read it aloud all night. And that is my Twilight story. What's yours?

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Searching For Fiction Teen 5/5 8 2 No 3084
What if Bella woke up to her room in Pheonix? What if all of Forks was a dream? No more Edward, No more Cullens, No more Forks high. Want to find out? Read my story. A story of girl (Bella) searching for her love, Edward that no one seems to know. Is he just make-believe? A fairy tale once upon a time? Is he Fiction? find out.

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