I LOVE music. Music is one thing that is pure and that can let all of us express who we are. Inspiration. Addictive. And down right fun. I really like All Time Low, Paramore, Greenday, All-American Rejects, Demi Lovato (non- disney style), Kristina DeBarge, Fefe Dobson, Drake, Maroon 5, Rihanna, iYaz, Letoya Lukett, Shinedown, Secondhand Seronade, and many, many, many more. Who Things to Know.... 1) I have ADHD 2) Has anyone else noticed that in the Vampires Suck movie, Team Edward got hit with the shovel first? 3) Team Jacob all the way. BTW - he wouldn't be a jerkface if Bella didn't use him. 4) I am (apparently to all my teachers) gifted - I can do large multiplication in my head, and stuff like that. 5) I have a photographic memory half the time. It sucks! If I remember everything, then what will b emy excuse for not doing my homework? 6) I LIKE CHEESE!!!!!!!!! 6andahalf) I love Fred. 7) Even if you hate Miley Cyrus, you have to admit this: Can't Be Tamed is the anthem of all girls that can't be tamed.....yeah, you know who you are. 8) I can't be tamed - and yes, pun intended 9) I am a punk/metal rocker - like a Paramore fanatic, mixed with a Shinedown admirer. 10) Tropical Skittles are smazing - try them...they're gluten freee..... 11) Is it me, or does validation take forever these days? 12) I'm one of those people who read your story, say it was great, and then don't review - I know, evil. 13) I change music obsessions every week. 14) My two best friends are cheerleaders, I'm popular, and I am the best cello player at my school. 15) I don't know how I ever got to this weird social standing where 90% of my friends (using the term loosely) want to hang around me to raise their social standing. 16) I think it was because my two best friends are cheerleaders. 17) I hate them for becoming cheerleaders. 18) I lurves the writtin', but not essays - ESPECAILLY IF YOU GET A JANK TOPIC, and you have to think twice as hard(OUCH!)just to make it come alive. 19) Great conversationalist - terrible tap dancing. Well, I think that's it.....oh - one more thing. I have the best idea for a story. Well, it's more of a teaser - so think about this question. In all of Edward's gentlemanly ways in Stephanie Meyer's books, could you ever imagine him being a bully when he was younger?

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Save Our World Teen 0/5 1 1 No 1396
It was four hundred years ago that she decided that she was going to help better the world in whatever way she could. She made friends, made a family, and even fell in love a couple times. But life moves on, people change, and your resolves faulter. Hearts break and people die, but when you're immortal, things are different. So when you get your very last chance at becoming that sixteen year old girl back in Venice she was all those centuries ago, refusal isn't an option. The Volturi are no more. Secretly, Caius, Jane, and Alec have done away with Aro and Marcus and the others. By creating a special type of vampire, they have succeeded in the ultimate killing machines and are ready to enslave the human race. When Caius let's Bella in on his plans, and expects her to join him as his wife, she has to figure out a plan. She needs.... More vampires. With extremely useful powers. Specifically, the Cullens. When the rumors spread and other vampires find out, a rebellion forms. Isabella Swan is expected to gain the Cullen's trust to help them fight the new Volturi. But when people fall in love, lines are crossed, trust is breached, and people die, can she save our worlds, both human and vampiric?

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