Heeelloo Twilight Addicts!! :D My Name is Marcela and if you haven't already figured it out I'M TOTALLY OBSESSED WITH THE TWILIGHT SAGA!!! Haha but who isn't right?? Lol so I decided to make my own stories based on these books created by the talented and brilliant STEPHANIE MEYER!! -applause everyone- Without her I'd be spending my sunday afternoons watching boring cartoons instead readind her magnificent books. [thank you so muchh stephanie] Haha so anyways my fellow TwerdsI'll try to update my stories and add more as soon as I get the chance:] Remember to also tell me if you want any specific requests and I promise I'll get my pen and notebook and get right on it ;) Buh-Byee peoples ~lovee Marcii <33

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First Day Teen 5/5 34 5 No 4412
This story is about the cullens first day at school and how Edward's overprotective fatherly instincts make him choose a decision that Nessie is not happy with.
Boredom in Biology Adult 5/5 12 1 Yes 2756
This story is about how Bella's and Edward's first day of college goes until things start to heat up in Biology class.
Pick-Up Lines Everyone 5/5 15 1 Yes 2560
Bella and Renesmee discover some funny pick-up lines that they want to try on Edward.
Where Fate Has Brought Us Adult 5/5 11 2 No 2376
After Edward left Bella in New Moon, she made an unexpected decision to go to the Volturi and ask them to change her. After 100 years have gone by, Bella realizes that leaving to join the Volturi to escape the devastating memories Forks has left was not the solution. Soon she discovers that a twist of fate can change everything.

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