My name is Becci, I'm 15 - 16 in November. I live with my mum and two brothers, a dog Fudge, a cat Molly, two mad hamsters Fred and Ginger, and loads of fish nobody could be bothered to name. I am a Massive fan of the Twilight saga (Breaking Dawn is my favourite). My copy of Twilight is currently sitting on my shelf with barely any spine left since I read it so much. I have never done anything like, in fact, I don't write at all, full stop. But my best friend does and she never shuts up about her story on here. So I thought I'd have a go. Enjoy!

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A White Wedding Everyone 4/5 16 3 No 5287
Edward and Bella are getting married. It will be an unusual wedding, what with there being a family of vampires present. But in every other way it will be just like a normal wedding. Except most other weddings don't include insane gatecrashing vampires

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