Hello, my name is Taylor, and I'm addicted to Stephenie Meyer's writing. Ha, but seriously, I love her writing, and I love to write, so Twilight-inspired fan fiction seems to me the obvious choice for me. I'm fourteen, but I sort of act like a thirty-five year old. I am in love with Hayden Christensen, and I think he would be a perfect Edward if he were a little younger. I'm also a huge fan of indie rock music - The Shins are the shizz! So far, I only have one story up (Moonlight), but I plan to make it very long and in-depth. Please, check it out, and (you'll have to exuse my being a review-whore) reviews are greatly appreciated. Check me out on myspace!
(no, i'm not scene. that is an old, and mildly embarrassing, url)

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Moonlight Everyone 4.5/5 145 1 No 2003
To Bella's dismay and Edward's joy, Bella has agreed to attend college with Edward for a single semester. However, their plans are cut short when Edward is forced to prematurely change Bella. Will their relationship be able to survive the strain? Bella watches the sunset of the only life she's ever known, and learn to live in la clair de lune: Moonlight.
Photobucket (this banner was made by the lovely cantihaveboth) Note: Moonlight is being rewritten, and is no longer on hiatus. First new chapter is up!
The Dark Hour Teen 0/5 5 1 Yes 1231
Edward debates how he should anger the Volturi enough for them to kill him. One-shot. (This is partially to atone for taking to long to update Moonlight. Sorry! I hope you enjoy this.)
First Impressions Teen 3.5/5 13 4 No 9137
Jasper and Rosalie Hale live a simple life in Forks with Carlisle and Esme. Both of their lives are rocked, however, by the appearances of love in their lives. JasperBella, RosalieEmmett.

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