Hello. I'm not sure what to say so I'll just leave you with the basics. My name is Sarai. I'm 21 years old and a single mom to a four year old boy. I have been meaning to start writing for over five years and never took the time to start until now. I'm a bit nervous about my writing but am hoping to become better as time passes. I hope I don't disappoint. I appreciate any and all HONEST feedback just be gentle with my fragile heart. haha. I love reading Twilight fan-fiction (I'm Team Edward/Rob all the way).

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Summer Love Everyone 5/5 6 1 Yes 2275
SummerLoveBanner Everyone is going away for college in September. They decide to make the most out of their summer and go camping. Bella ends up meeting a special someone there... AH I will be expanding this story once I get ahead on my story 'I Belong To You.'

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