heeey, i am a total twilight fanpire. i'm basically addicted. i love it so much, plus my bf, (u wont beleive m wen i say this but...) taylor lautner also loves the book of course. i mean hes in it! uh yeah so i have at least 500 twilight related posters, 3 shirts, specially deisgned sweatpants, bella's ring, bella's necklace, edward's cuff, and at least 20 magazines filed wth twilight. pus i wirte many stories based on twilight, like continuations or lookbacks into the story. Plus me and my friends hae a Cullen family of our own. so if u'd like to know how we got it or if u cn be i it, just IM me on AIM! ~Renesmee luvz ya!

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