I love music (right now i am obsessed with Taylor Swift) and right now i am trying to come up with the perfect song for each of the Twilight books and I LOVE to dance. I compete in dance so I can get really busy. In fact I am on the highest level this year. I'm in an advanced placement program so this year i will be SUPER busy. I play the piano and the violen which are both soo much fun and i really enjoy volleyball. Please tell me if you enjoy my stories A New Start and A New Lie. If you have not read it yet please go read it. I mean it. Now. PLease. and dont forget to reveiw. For those of you who have reveiwed, thank you. Okay so my faves: Color: PURPLE!!! Singer: Taylor Swift, CASCADA, Cheeta Girls, Miley Cyrus (sometimes) and Selena Gomez and a little of tons of other artists Song: everything Taylor Swift especially Fearless, Here we go again, What Hurts The Most, Send it On, Falling Down Sport: Dance (it is a sport), swimming, volleyball Website: Twilight Archives, harrypotterfanfiction Hobby: writing, listening to music, reading, swimming, dance, volleyball Book: the twilight saga, the Harry Potter series, the Pendragon series, The Hunger Games Game: My sims on the Wii Subject: All of them mostly More about me: I have a ton of friends including my wickedly awesome friends: Alice- my beta other Alice- has given me the material for Alice Funnies Christie, Mary, Chloe, Leanne and more for just believing that i could write a story and all myfriends for supporting me. My story A New Start is now 88 typed pages and 21 chapters long today and A New Lie is about 14 chapters long and 30-40 typed pages. My friends think i'm odd and crazy. I am a serious dancer. I dance almost 8 hours a week and that is all crammed into 3 days so...yeah i am busy. "If dance were any easier it would be called football" and "You wish you were this cool" are my theme phrases Alice-my beta- thinks im weird because i email her saying AHA A PENNY!!! a lot Icon time!!! Grocery List- Jasper!Edward's letter to Jacob This would totally happen if anybody tried to steal my Twilight books. Meet Bob I love Harry Potter/twilight crossovers. i might end up writing one. hmmm thats a good idea. he he he i am writing one. :) oh and if you get a long reveiw from me you are lucky. :) That means that you have an amazing story so...look out. XD Things I Am Working On:A New Lie: My HP/twilight crossover. Joe Jonas+the Cullens=something to do with a cliff: A one-shot that one of my friends here gave me Dying Perspective: Another Hermione Granger/ Draco Malfor story. To find a slightly different version of A New Lie and to read Dying Perspective here is my author page on

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A New Start Everyone 5/5 123 22 Yes 18317
When Alice returns to Forks in New Moon she tells Charlie that he should send Bella to a boarding school in England (because Bella failed 12th grade). Bella starts a whole new life in England including a new wardrobe that is to Alice's liking. What if a certain vampire shows up in England? What if What Hurts the Most caused a worldwide sensation? What does a bunny have to do with all of this? "I had been hurt over and over by him. I had accepted countless apologies but this was too much." (Chapter 19)Banner for A New Start Marvelous banner made by TheRealCullen
A New Lie Everyone 5/5 34 9 No 6193
Twilight/HP crossover This is the sequel to A New Start but you don't have to read that to understand this. Hello! Have you ever had you boyfriend cheat on you, find out your parents are dead then find out that you aren’t who you thought you were for your entire life? All on the same day? Chances are you answer is no. Mine is yes. And adding Draco Malfoy into the mix doesn’t make a good time for me. My name is Hermione Granger.

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A New... 5/5 157 2
This is a collection of stories and one-shots including: \r\nStories: \r\nA New Start \r\nA New Lie \r\n \r\nPossible future one-shots \r\nVampires+Joe Jonas= something to do with a cliff? \r\n