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HI!!! I'm bethan a.k.a Bitten and Smitten. I stumbled across this site when my friend told me she sent in her fic for validation. I run a podcast called Fanfiction: Our Dirty Little Secret and it is a teen podcast for fanfiction writers, it's fun. Go check it out... I'm fifteen, ohh, shock horror a YA writingfor a YA story! I am obsessed with twitter and you can find me at :) Click the follow button, please. I do a lot of WCs on there so...yeah. I suck at bios and use ellipses wayyy too much. I do write much better than this, promise. Wow, I ramble, shutting up now...

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Poena in Obscurum Everyone 0/5 1 1 Yes 3396
Cold. Empty. Black. That’s all I can see. I feel heavy against the hard ground beneath me. I can’t move, I feel tied down. I can’t even feel my arms or my legs. Maybe I’m dead; maybe this is what death is. No fabulous light, no hell, no burning... I can remember running, petrified. Then I was transported to another place. Another world. Photobucket

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