New fanfic writer testing out her skillz. I'll be a Freshman at college this semester and I'm halfway throwing around the idea of changing to an English-based major. So, you see, my future success greatly depends on you fine people. ;) Any sort of constructive criticism is appreciated! And reviews/ratings bring a smile to my face. So be kind and help a stranger smile! :D <3 And, also, if it's not already ridiculously obvious, I am completely in luuuuurv with Gaspard Ulliel. Even if he's not your brand of Edward, you gotta admit the boy is FIIIIIIIIIINE. I actually plan on flying to France sometime soon and kidnapping him for my love cage in the basement. Well, I guess that's all... :D (*ahem*, I'm not crazy, really...)

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Too Far Teen 5/5 56 8 No 10849
The events during that summer between Twilight and New Moon... basically a Jacob-free version of Bella and Edward romance, and the problems that ensue without the help of werewolves, vendetta-ridden vampires, or the Volturi. No danger or action, for the most part, just their relationship.
The Proposal Everyone 5/5 18 1 Yes 1001
Basically, an Edward/Bella version of the Zale's Jewelry commercial where the man slips a diamond necklace on his woman while she sleeps and then he pretends to be asleep, only to smile slightly when she notices the necklace and leans over to look at him. I love that commercial... and I love Bella and Edward. Hence...

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