heeeyyy guys!! thought i'd make an account cuz i reaally love reading and writing fanfictions! its alot of fun! and cuz twilight ROCKS!!! i think alot of u will agree there....? anyways at the moment just so we clear..i am team switzerland..tho i tend to lean toward Jacob.i not taking sides tho cuz Edward a great guy too. just so u no. so dont any1 go hating on me! haha my fave's book in the series-elclips couple-bella/jacob bella/edward characters-Emmett!!! haha um jacob, alice, carlisle, edward, jasper haha and so i'm gonna shut up now cuz otherwise i'll be talking forever! ant:):) notes: ok so currently i busy co-writing a story with the awesome (Golumfryingeggs) haha but she on but i'll post the first chapter here too as soon as its done. its gonna be a pretty long story:) so ja..all really exciting!! its gonna rock.hopefully!! so i'm out ant:):)

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Jump start Teen 0/5 3 1 Yes 820
One-Shot Bella is changed. Edward leaves again so Bella finds comfort in an old friend.
Shutter hearts Teen 0/5 0 1 No 595
When the heart cries out, the one who answers the call is not always the one you had in mind. PLZ review ppl! would really appreciate it.

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