Hi! my name is Elizabeth and I love edwerd and Jesus.But the thing that I like the most is Jesus.So I am going to tell you more about me I have 3 older brothers and a older sister.A cuosin that thinks she is my is sister.I have 2 cats Lady and Duchess. I am in the medol of all this but not the cats the humens. I am about to be 11.So I think that i have toled you alot. thn1667040143_177799_7213.jpg Twilight Icon image by HorenSehenLebenedward.jpg edward cullen image by rubia_050zcullen.jpg Edward cullen image by foxey_10 I like this pic. Mohahahaha look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cut no well it ok but I wish it was me. Edward and bella. The cullens. Look alli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Twilight,  Robert Pattinson, Cam Gigandet, Taylor Lautner,  Kristen Stewart Its Edward,James,Jacob,and Bella. Carlisle Esme Edward Bella Alice Jasper Emmett Jacob Nessie Rosalie Twilight Icon Love it! badguy.jpg edward cullen image by rubia_050Your looks can get you through. l_f98dc96d7bc4bd78bcfb94bab6b410-1.gif Edward Cullen image by Doodlebug0220Twilight-2.jpg Wanted: EC image by married2EdwardCullen1.jpg funny edward cullen icon image by iloveprettydinosaursECisPerfection.jpg google for edward cullen image by iloveprettydinosaursedward-and-bella-wed-1.jpg Edward and Bella Cullen image by nanabugbug14

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Adout Edward! Everyone 4/5 6 1 Yes 15
This poem is about Edward.
Emett and Edward Everyone 5/5 4 1 Yes 16
This poem is about how go of a team Emett and Edward. It could be them defiting the bad gy in the movie.Chang the story for one min. The dad was helping bella wall ever thing happed and the teenagers we getting ride of the bad gy. So you are going to have to read the poem to get the rest.

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