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(www.crazygirlovers.webs.com)- Sprinklez Aim- twilightsagafan2@aim.com Gaia Online- (www.gaiaonline.com)- XxWalkTheDeadxX My Stories (Not counting poems)-Bloody Mercy- Twilight flipflopped. Bella Cullen and her family members, Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, Jasper, Emmett, and Alice are all vampires. Edward Masen moves into the town of Forks with his parents Elizabeth and Edward Sr. and soon Edward and Bella fall in love. What will the outcome be? Music Around Me- All Human. Bella Swan, a hit rock sensation, not to mention her band Bleeding Wings. Edward Cullen, brother, went to college but soon dropped out. But these two met each other before, but when they are reunited their love is finally put together, now the only challenge to face is the papparazzi, the annoying exs, or annoying comments from Emmett, and worst of all, not getting Andrew his autograph on time. One Wish- A vampire named Alisa meets the Cullens. She has a great power, well great to the eye, but to people who truly know her they would say her power is a big thumbs down. Rosalie asks Alisa to use her power on her and soon Rosalie is up in heaven watching her family die before her eyes, but how can Rosalie save them when she's dead herself? Operation Homework- Bella decides to homeschool Renesmee, but of course like any school they get homework. When Emmett is stuck baby-sitting Renesmee, X-box is involved and unfortunatly no schoolwork. Crack-fic, better than it sounds! Reunion- When Forks High has a reunion Mike, Jessica, Lauren, and so many other people see the Cullens the way they were. When Mike's son, Toby, does some investigating and finds things that Mike doesn't like. Twilight Saga Chatroom- When the Cullens, Wolves, Charlie, Some Other Humans, and maybe the Volturi go onto a chatroom nothing is impossible. Let the Bodies Hit the Floor- Victoria is out for a late night stroll ready to find more for her army. (Made this before The Second Short Life of Bree Tanner) Song-fic. Bodies by Drowning Pool. What Happens in Elementary Stays in Elementary- All Human. When Svetlana Alekseeva asks her mother Isabella Marie Swan Alekseeva, or Bella for short, to help her with a project she agrees, but the thing is that this little project is not only helping her perverted teacher find out how old hot single moms are, but Bella's memories that she thought she had locked away and left in the past are coming back and soon life itself is going topsy-turvy, but does the crazyness bring everything in order? 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Crazy is when you take the time to write down stuff like this and memorize it. Crazy is when you memorized every single line of the Kingdom Hearts series.Crazy is when your so obsessed with Roxas (KH 2) that you bang on the T.V. every now and then to see if he will come out .(Yes this is the real Sam from Storms; Crossover Mania LOL) I LOVE ROXAS! Crazy is when your are going through this as a checklist. Crazy is when you quote Charlie the Unicorn at random momments. Crazy is when you eat twenty pixie sticks in one day. Crazy is when your crazy. Crazy is when start talking nonsense everyday during gym. Crazy is when you convince your friends your 'high' because you can't stop laughing even when nothing is funny. And then all of you convince the nearest adult that you're having a breakdown. Crazy is when you trip up the stairs, and laugh all the way back down them. When you go to look at cats and can't stop. Crazy is when your binder of French vocabulary words gets so big and thick that you title it Harry Potter and the French Vocabulary.Crazy is when you doze off playing ur eternal ipod in ur head and are snapped out of it when i friend asks u why your wiggling to wat seems like a beat. Crazy is when you stand on the street corner dressed in snazzy costumes and sing the Lollipop song at the top of your lungs while waving at random cars as they drive by. Crazy is when you write fanfiction instead of fraction in math and start drawing hearts on your binder filled with drawings of Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. Crazy is when you wrap your Harry Potter and Percy Jackson books in tin foil and forgetting to help yourself because you think the worlds going to end. Crazy is when you're listening to your eternal Ipod (again) and all a sudden you start crying because a song you were just 'Listening' too reminds you of Bella when Edward left, then you have to mumble in explanation to your best friend about why your crying for no appearent reson. Crazy is bursting into song whenever you feel like it, and your friends are so used to it that they start singing too. Crazy is when you start blocking your thoughts with Beatles songs (because you don't know much of the bible or any Arabic) in case if Edward is nearby. Crazy is when you start laughing, your friend gets embarrassed because you're laughing too loudly, you stop, look at everyone that is looking at you because you were laughing too loudly, and then start laughing again, just because you felt like it. Crazy is when your best friend sits on you and your totally fine with it and then you start speaking to their knee in another language. 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Stories Written (12)

Title Age Rating Reviews Chapters Complete Words
Twilight Saga Chatroom Teen 4/5 32 8 No 5554
This is a chatroom story! I LOVE EM! This is Post Breaking Dawn... and yeah I will make sure funny things happen! Banner Made By Me! Chatroom 7 is UP!The contest is over!!!!!!Biggest Freak 2 Meet/IAMNOTEMO!Justblond/TeddyCuttlez8: ROTFLMAOWDAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OFD: Uh...Biggest Freak 2 Meet: Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off while drinking animal bloodOFD: O...- WAIT ANIMAL BLOOD!?!??!?!No Red Eyes!: *whacks Charlie with the frying pan*OFD: *is out cold*No Red Eyes!: What do you guys know that I don't know?
Operation Homework Teen 0/5 3 1 Yes 841
What happens when Renesmee is stuck with her Uncle Emmett, and she can't get her homework done before Momma and Daddy get home? Banner Made By Me! 37 reads, and no reviews "It was all LIES!!!" he yelled. "Lies?" I asked. "Momma doesn't lie and neither does Daddy" I said. "Okay, then what do they do every night?" he asked me. "Watch television and play board games" I said. "Oh Yeah! What did you do last night" he said. "We watched the Spongebob Squarepants Movie, and then played Uno" I said. "Spongebob? Not the point, what did you do the night before" he asked. "Momma and I watched Mickey Mouse, and we played Go Fish, then we started throwing stuffed animals at each other, during a stuffed animal war" I said. "Where was Edward! Was he in Vegas getting high with another girl!!??!" he asked. "Daddy? Daddy was hunting with Grandpa Car, Uncle Jazz, and you Uncle Emmett. Remember?" I asked. "Oh yeah..." was all that he could say. "Unce Emmett?" "Mhm" "What does getting High mean?" I asked. "Uh, never EVER repeat that okay!" he said.
Bloody Mercy Teen 5/5 36 13 Yes 12741
http://img22.imageshack.us/img22/4856/bloodymercybanner4.png Edward Masen and his parents move from the busy Chicago life to live in the small rainy town of Forks. Of course Mr. and Mrs. Masen didn't know that their son would be involved with a family of vampires, and espcially that he would end up dating one! Ok so Bella is the vampire Edward is the human, there are some stories like this and none are finished!!!! Chapter 13 is upStory is finishedSequel is being validatedBLOODY MERCY'S BIRTHDAY IS THIS SEPTEMBER 7TH!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOODY MERCY!!!!!!!!!I knew I was going to die, but I didn't expect Bella Cullen to be ontop of me pushing the stupid van off of me."Edward? Are you okay?" she asked.
What Happens in Elementary Stays in Elementary Adult 5/5 10 3 No 1627
I've read some stories where the Cullen's/La Push Gang where youngsters in school! I've been inspired so I'm trying it out. All Human! Bella finds old memories and decides that what happens in Elementary Stays in Elementary. (Oh and the word youngsters is now declared gay by my friend!) d^_^b Chapter 4 is being validatedDaddy is downstairs taking a "power" nap, but he takes 2 hour naps instead of 10 minute ones.Did I want to go back to school with my evil teacher Mrs. Mallory? Did I want to see my best friends Jacob and Alice, yes. Mrs. Mallory, no.
Imaginary Everyone 5/5 2 1 Yes 363
Okay, I'm not good at poetry at all... and I haven't done poetry since last school year... This is written pretty depressing and dark, but hey nightmares are dark. Song Fic Bella's Nightmares Song by Evanescence (GREAT BAND PPLZ! IT SUCKS THEY BROKE UP!)
Reunion Everyone 5/5 3 1 Yes 1280
What happens when Forks High School is having a high school reunion? Will the Cullens go? Will the former students of Forks High find out the truth about the Cullens? And then Edward wearing a black tux, and Bella?!?!?! She had golden eyes like the rest of them and was paler, and still looked 18, and was hotter, and was wearing heels?!?!??!I turned to look at Jessica and Lauren. They were in shock.Bella and Edward looked so happy and in love...
Music Around Me Adult 5/5 7 5 No 5933
All Human Bella is a rock star, into Alternative, Metal, and t.A.T.u (In my opinion Russia's BEST!) Edward is the guy at home, he works at a music store in the mall and would listen to anything. When a mall performance happens will Edward see that maybe love can be found on the darker side in music interest? Chapter 4 is being validated(I personally don't like chapter 2 because I think I rushed things) "You drink like a Russian" James said since he had lived in Moscow, Russia for seven years."Like you don't!" I said as I drank more. "Laurent! Can you make me a Long Island?" I asked.
One Wish Adult 5/5 5 3 No 1931
When a vampire that grants wishes meets the Cullen family, Rosalie is deteremined to get her wish. But Rosalie never knew that if Carlisle had never found her when Royce had raped her, that her family would die. Now Rosalie Lillian Hale is determined to stop herself from wishing, but how can she when she's dead? Rated Adult for Violance and blood lash in later chapters. Chapter 3 is being validated
Jacob's Bella Everyone 5/5 2 1 Yes 1
Previously called Bella Swan- Wolf Girl Takes place in New Moon without Edward. Base made by Noemi--Bases on DA You can also find this on my account on DA penname:XxBleedingxSoulxX
Numbness Adult 5/5 3 2 No 2618
Badass Bella Swan moves to Forks to live with her father Charlie Swan. Soon she meets Edward Cullen, straight A student, the responsible teenager, doesn't reck around. But when Bella soon becomes enhanced with Edward's presence she soon decides it's time for life to be different, it's time to actually have a friend. But theres only one problem. Bella can see the numbers. The dates people die. And Edward's is close by. Crossover of Numbers and Twilight Chapter 2 is being validated Going more with the Twilight plot but there will still be plot pieces from Numbers.
Let the Bodies Hit the Floor Everyone 5/5 1 1 Yes 601
http://img33.imageshack.us/img33/5255/lethebodieshitheflooron.png This story is actually written for my enjoyment, NOT the fanfiction challenge for March-April. (Not submitting this story to challenge, but it does go along with the theme^^) Song-fic One-shot Takes place in Eclipse when Victoria is on her newborn army (aka killing spree) Song- Bodies by Drowning Pool
Welcome to Wonderland Teen 5/5 1 1 No 1356
> Link if banner is not seen: http://img87.imageshack.us/f/welcometowonderlandbann.png/ Sequel to Bloody Mercy Rated Teen for whatever comes out of Emmett's mouth Major spoilers if you didn't read the first story! Edward is now a vampire with his love as he tries to pretend being human along with the rest of the Cullens. But what happens when the Cullen family has to leave in order to help the Denali clan? How will Edward cope being a newborn vampire? And what happens when Jacob's cousin has a certain liking for our lead role? Secrets are revealed, Love develops, the history that was locked away comes back, and life as a vampire gets harder for poor Edward Masen. Read Welcome to Wonderland Now!

Series Written (3)

Title Rating Reviews Stories
Random Funny Twilight Saga Stories 4/5 35 2
Me and my randomness, including other authors as well! So pretty much it\'s US and our randomness!
So What's Happening Now? 5/5 36 1
Edward Masen moves to Forks Washington with his parents Elizabeth Masen and Edward Senior. There he meets the enchanting Bella Cullen. The two soon fall in love, only one problem... the Cullen\'s are vampires.
Lovely Existence 5/5 3 1
At a Forks High school reunion Mike Newton sees the Cullens one last time including Bella Cullen and the lovely mysterious Renesmee Cullen. \r\nAfter the reunion Mike\'s son Toby finds something and soon shows them to his father. Then Mike is changed into a vampire but to his family he was killed. \r\nSoon Toby is trying to find out his father\'s death. And whoever forgot about the Cullen family?