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Something to Add to the Legends Teen 0/5 4 1 Yes 3689
It's Renesmee's first birthday. This is a look at the pack and the Cullens from Seth's point of view. Novel Novice second place winner. Novel Novice Twilight May-June '09 winner
Chapter 24: Vote Everyone 0/5 1 1 Yes 7726
Chapter 24 of New Moon from Edward's point of view.
After the Vote Everyone 0/5 0 1 Yes 2872
The end of New Moon imediately after "Vote" from Edward's point of view. Does Edward really believe, like Carlisle, that he has a soul? Why did Bella refuse his proposal? And what is Alice thinking? Written for Novel Novice's July-August challenge.
Biloxi Teen 5/5 1 1 Yes 2481
Biloxi is the story of Alice's change told by the vampire who changed her.

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