Hi! I'm Broken_Angel and I absoultely love Twilight and writing!!! I have a fanfiction and I'm there so check out my stories!!! Favorite Quotes: In life never stop dreaming, for in dreams we never stop living -kellan lutzOf course there were no survivors. Giving birth in the middle of a disease-infested swamp with a medicine man smearing sloth spit across your face to drive out the evil spirits was never the safest method. (Rosalie)Hard to feel confident when you’re surrounded by horse-sized wolves. (Emmett) I'm sure you can tell that I love Rosalie and Emmett!!! Well, I don't have much to say so, Toodles! ♥

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After Dawn Teen 0/5 0 1 No 1638
But in that moment, as I had looked into the ice depth of those big blue eyes with my own fiery golden ones, something in me had shifted. Something deep down at the very core of my being. He had changed me. This mere human whose name I beleived to be Emmett, was changing me, Rosalie Hale. For the better. And I wanted him. Ever since I saved him in those woods that fateful day, I knew I had to have with me for the rest of my eternity.
New Moon Everyone 0/5 2 1 Yes 1
The new moon flower!

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