I live in Norfolk, VA. Not that small of a town, but not that big either. I’m in college and I hate/love it. I haven’t decided which one yet. Im 19, though I’ll be 20 in September. I’m a Virgo, (JUST LIKE BELLA) and speaking of which, I share the same birthday as Hermione Granger herself. September 19th! Did I mention that I play basketball? It’s very difficult for me to keep up with my social life because I’m so addicted to reading fiction and fanfiction. Or anything, really, for that matter. My teammates ponder my sanity on a daily basis… I love humorous fics. It’s almost all I read. I’m so goofy, but seriously sarcastic it’s not even funny. Really. I enjoy dry humor. If you met my friends you’d seriously think we were all bitches. But it’s nothing like that, at all. Honestly. We simply like to have fun. We’re not mean; we just enjoy giving people a hard-time. It’s not OUR fault if they can’t handle it. Because, usually, if they can handle it, then they end up becoming another friend! It’s a win-win for us! Almost as if we’re recruiting! Haha. I love to write, but I’ve lost the motivation many times. I was about 16 the last time I wrote and since I’m in school and in dire need of an escape, I plan to start it more often. I like criticism, but I’m a pretty angry person so if you’re not exactly QUALIFIED (meaning, if you suck as a writer, yet want to tell ME how to write) please refrain from embarrassing yourself because I will not take it lightly. However, if you’re a good writer, I will greatly appreciate it and take it into consideration. J Well… Now that the introduction part is over, let’s talk about fanfiction!! Some ships I support: Twilight Edward/Bella, OBVIOUSLY!!
Renesmee/Alec (I made that up… You may not approve now, but once you see how I put it into perspective, you may change your mind. Be patient.)
Seth/Angela (I read a piece about them and like it.)

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Bet He Didn't See That Coming Adult 0/5 1 1 No 536
Renesmee has grown into the full-body of a 19 year old girl and people have definitely noticed. Two people in particular. Now that she understands love and seems impossibly immune to imprinting, she’s caught in a love triangle between two guys who seem impossible to pick from. Add understanding grandparents, aunts and uncles who are all of a sudden comedians, parents who give you way too much space and hilarity and romance will ensue! A full-length drama, but very funny.

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