Hi . . . I'm Rosalinda . . . and I'm in love with Twilight! (Yeah, and when I say Twilight I mean Edward.) I did not write the above. A secret annoymous force feild that I cannot really see took over my computer(the computer I am on) and wrote that. Yeah, I did!!!!! And by secret force I mean my totally awesome twin BellaMasen. (No, we're not actually twins, but everyone calls us that because we're practically attached at the hip!)It is all true what she said but you will never see me writing that. I have taken an unfortunate plunge to emoism that neither of us are really proud of but since I am fully there we are convinced there is still hope for me(Hopefully. I want to be fully preppy again) You're not emo, Rose! You're not the sharpest pencil in the box, but even you should know that! Bella is a very evil force I might imply. Anyways we are both dedicated writers to Twilight and our work so I hope you enjoy both things written by me and Bella. No, I won't be posting my stuff on here, too. Rose and I just love having funny conversations!!!! Sometimes my stuff might seem a little on the verge of emo and you might find me a little too obsessed with death but the truth is it just doesn't bother me. However my main focus on this site will be my upcoming story V.L. which I am very proud of. I plan to post on chapters 1-5 and maybe 6 if it's good. Unfortunately I am not too confindate on it so I will depend much on the oppinions of my fellow readers(that means you, reviewers!!!!) I truly hope it is a success. The songs however might not always seem as happy as the story. It is not really a happy-go-lucky yeah giddy type of deal but I think it is quite interesting especially when the main charater does not know her own background of vampiric heritage. And now back to Bella. Bells? Any comments? Duh, Rose! Guys, her story is awesome and if you don't read it I will send Edward out to get you! Ooooohhhhhhh!!!!! And if you're thinking that I'm just some crazy phsyco who is writing in italics and regular pretending to be two people at once you're wrong. Strangely unlike in the story Bella and Rose really are friends right now. And she really is the one writing in italics. Yep! Search my name! BellaMasen is on here! So, ha!And now for a random picture of Rob!!!!promo-edward-standing.pngHehe! OME! HAWT! (Oh My Edward!) *sigh* Now Twilighters. Listen (ahem, look) very closely now: Summit Entertainment is replacing Rachelle Lefevre with Bryce Dallas Howard. This is an outrage. They can't replace our red-haired beauty with another! They shouldn't change the Twilight roles. It's just not right! So please support Rachelle! I support:

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