Major Twilight fan here! sent me your stories and I'll rate, review, and read. For my stories I'll be including everybodies favorite characters. If you love reading stories, but have a great idea for a story. I'll be glad to type you up one and give you 100 percent credit. Anyway please read my stories. You might find this weird, but I have a second acount on here to get the word out faster. that name would be... mrsemmacullen thanks for reading, see ya in the reviews! ;) or =}

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Bella Mason & Edward Cullen Adult 5/5 30 4 No 15969
Sorry about the title, a little bold but it fits... This story is about Bella getting a chance to be a vampire with more experience! And Edward...a human:( Some might be sad but read the story and how quickly everything comes together! Can't believe I found a banner with Bella and Edward! And Bella with gold eyes, and Edward's are closed, he he he. Alice/Jasper Bella/Edward Esme/Carlisle Emmett/Rosalie Bella Mason & Edward CullenI UPDATED CHAPTER 4! THERE IS MORE TO READ!:) SORRY STILL UNFINISHED THOUGH::o
Bravery Teen 5/5 3 1 Yes 3260
Love, hurt, pain, and lust is all the things Edward and Bella share:) Whoops, scratch that, this is a clean slate starting over from the beginning, hehe:) What if Edward accepted the invitation to the Volturi? Now he feeds off innocent humans, along with Alice and Jasper. I know saddening, but wait! What if a certain brown haired maiden makes her way on tour of Volterra castle? Will Edward drain her heart of blood? Or wait and find what the heart contains? Please Review! ONE-SHOT canon pairings [banner removed by admin - please keep images in summaries smaller or equal to 300 x 150 pixels]

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Jared/Morgan 0/5 0 0
A series of stories including Jared the wolf, and his imprint Morgan:) With a hint of twists and turns along the way!:)